114 | Growing Your Business With Your Limited Partners Front Of Mind with Dan Kennedy

Making Money in Multifamily Real Estate Show

Aug 17 2020 • 35 mins

Dan's Background:

  • Dan has actively invested in real estate since 2011 working on his own single family portfolio
  • Principal at Driven Capital Partners which syndicates multifamily and commercial real estate
  • Dan previously had a 12 year career as a professional soccer player with the LA Galaxy

In this episode we cover:

  • 00:02:16 Dan's goals after his MLS career
  • 00:06:02 Educating investors on the risks/rewards of investing
  • 00:09:17 Understanding the lifestyle goals of high performance individuals
  • 00:13:35 Getting investors 'ready' for a deal
  • 00:15:25 Getting the story right
  • 00:17:33 Diversifying your portfolio
  • 00:20:45 Focusing on bottlenecks
  • 00:22:58 Where Dan engages investors
  • 00:25:33 Giving attention to everyone
  • 00:30:18 What's really important in a deal

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