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Kathi Burns

The mission of The Organized and Energized Podcast is to present stories from entrepreneurs who have embraced the unknown and cleared their life of the obstacles that were holding them back. We deliver one moment of inspiration using our 6 question format about what you can do as an entrepreneur when you decide to embrace new ways of doing things!

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Rise Above "Year-End" Chaos with Carolyn Gross
Mar 6 2024
Rise Above "Year-End" Chaos with Carolyn Gross
Stay Healthy and Bright during holiday time with Carolyn's Rise Above the Chaos Approach. She will teach you to become a 'Chaos Ninja' and has been a keynote speaker, reinvention coach and author for over Twenty Years. Tune in to RISE Up! Practicing Calm in Chaos: Carolyn emphasizes the importance of practicing calm in the midst of chaos. Just like organizing, staying calm is a skill that requires daily attention. This involves finding time for self-reflection, disconnecting from digital distractions, and staying connected to one's own humanity through activities like centering exercises and mindfulness.Personal Reinvention and Resilience: Carolyn shares her journey of personal reinvention and resilience, particularly in the face of adversity, such as her battle with stage three breast cancer. Her ability to rise above challenges and make decisions like refusing a mastectomy showcases the power of a resilient mindset. The experience of facing adversity and using it to empower others is a key aspect of her work.Self-Care and Celebration: The importance of self-care and celebrating successes is highlighted. Carolyn mentions her self-care routine, including days at the spa, soaking in mineral waters, and connecting with like-minded people. Celebrating success is crucial for maintaining a positive mindset and fueling one's passion. The idea of organizing internal and external chaos is discussed as a collaborative effort for achieving overall well-being.​