Voices of Diversity

Host: Rocki Howard

The Voices of Diversity podcast is hosted by Rocki Howard.Our mission is to humanize diversity one story, one conversation at a time, to share the impact on those who identify as being underrepresented.Each episode of Voices of Diversity will bring you the stories and experiences of those who are part of the minority in corporate America.We believe that the interaction between all voices, minority, and majority can change the narrative of how the world communicates. By changing the narrative can you change the world

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Trailer: Humanizing Diversity Initiatives
Episode 21 - Voices of a Plantation Theorist - John GrahamEpisode 20 - Voice of a Global Citizen - Manjuri SinhaEpisode 19 - A Voice of a First Generation PhD - Bob AthwalEpisode 18 - A Voice of the Young, Gifed and Hindu - Sandhna ChintoeEpisode 17 - Voice of a Returning Hustler - John JacksonEpisode 16 - Diversity Resource - Jacob Gray - Voice of a Chosen FamilyEpisode 15 - Voice of a Fomerly Incarcerated Successful Black Man - Dwayne BennettEpisode 14 - Voice of An Unbiased Diversity Strategist - Stacey GordonEpisode 13 - Voice of a Female Founder of Color - Riham SattiEpisode 12 - Voice of a Feminist Black Man - Akbar KarengaEpisode 11 - Voice of a Fourishing Gay Man - Dominic Longo Ph.DEpisode 10 - Voice of Multinational Black Man - Marcus SawyerrEpisode 9 - Voice of Invisible Disability - Dr. Dave CaudelEpisode 8 - Voice of a Post 9/11 Muslim American Woman - Nisreen HasibEpisode 6 - Voice of Black Leadership - Dorian StewartEpisode 5 - Voice of Black Leadership - Frances IbeEpisode 4 - Voice of Black Leadership - Brandice Sills-PayneEpisode 3 - Voice of Black Leadership - Kave BulamboEpisode 2 - Voice of Single Moms - Stacey RomeroEpisode 1 - Voice of Autism - Dan Burger