Navneet Loiwal of Coefficient discusses how it connects Google sheets with source systems

Kruze Consulting's Founders and Friends Podcast for Startups

Dec 5 2022 • 22 mins

Co-founder of Coefficient (, Navneet Loiwal, discusses how Coefficient connects Google sheets with source systems to automatically sync data with a single click and easily monitor changes with Slack and email alerts. Scott and Navneet also talk about Coefficient's popular digital escape room at Founders love our US-based account management team - with an average of over 10 years of experience, our controllers, CPAs, accountants and bookkeepers understand the challenges of high-growth startups. Kruze Consulting is also 100% focused on working with funded Delaware C-Corps who have raised at least half a million in seed or venture capital financing. Learn more about Kruze affordable prices ( and choose the plan that best matches your startup’s funding level.