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Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. You’re the first one in, last one out and you do whatever it takes to succeed. Nevertheless, 25 Million Americans have chosen the entrepreneurial life because it's equal parts demanding and fulfilling! Join hospitality veteran and successful entrepreneur Don Mamone each week as he and his guests discuss and teach you how to develop enduring relationships, reimagine profit and build a brand people love when time is your most precious resource. Whether you're just now ready to embrace your entrepreneurial spirit, looking for creative solutions to own your market or struggling to survive and thrive this podcast is for you!

Ep. 3.36 | Return on Relationship with Christopher VosEp. 3.35 | The Core of Company Culture with JORDANAH Events
Like entrepreneurship, the event and hospitality industry is not for the faint of heart.  Take this high stressed, faced paced environment and operate in the entertainment industry container and you will find yourself in a proverbial pressure cooker!  It is there that you will routinely find JORDANAH events.  I met Stacey when I was the Director of Events at The Beverly Hilton and I was immediately impressed by her capability, commitment and core values.  When she left her corporate job and joined Jessica at JORDANAH events I knew that they were destined for event greatness and I am not at all ashamed to say that I was right!  Their successful and sought after event planning firm is a major player in the industry and they stopped by the People First Then Profit Podcast to talk about the importance of Core Values and how they have faithfully and effectively serve their clients and team for a good many years. Takeaways from this week's episode are: - The importance of identifying your core values and ensuring they are a part of your company culture. - Why "how you do" is equally important as "what you actually do" (maybe more). - The importance of the decisions we make regarding how we treat our clients, our team and OURSELVES. Resources: Set Up Your Coaching Discovery Call https://mamone.as.me/coachingdiscovery Find the People First Then Profit Facebook Community Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/peoplefirstthenprofitHQ/ - FIND JORDANAH EVENTS -  Web – http://www.JORDANAH.com Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/teamjordanah/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/JordanahEvents
May 11 2021
33 mins
Ep. 3.34 | Time Mastery with Paul Von BloemEp. 3.33 Tiny Giant Marketing with Emily FontesEp. 3.32 | The Wedding Roller Coaster with Leah Weinberg
This week's episode is brought to you by the letter "o" for overachiever!  My friend and professional associate Leah was a commercial real estate attorney before she was a New York City based wedding planner and creator of Color pop Events and NOW she is a soon to be best selling author.  Her most recent contribution to the wedding industry is the eagerly awaited book, "The Wedding Roller Coaster".  This book was written for couples and their family as well as any and every wedding professional out there!   Your take away's from this week's episode are: - The inspiration for this book and the title I ALMOST convinced Leah to use. - How it will benefit and be a resource to couples and their families. - How it can help members of the wedding industry relate to their clients and other event industry professionals. - How the contents of the book align with the People First Then Profit rally cry. Resources ORDER PAGE: https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578883015?psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&ref_=chk_typ_imgToDp CASH GIVEAWAY* 1. Buy a copy of The Wedding Roller Coaster on Amazon before 11:59 p.m. PDT on April 6th. 2. Email me (leah@colorpopevents.com) a copy of your receipt, also by 11:59 p.m. PDT on April 6th.   Plus, for each copy you buy, you'll get an additional entry to win the $500 prize.  *Open to U.S. residents only.   Ongoing Professional Perk: If you're a wedding professional, purchase 10 or more paperback copies (and send me a photo of your receipt), and you'll get access to my book club for The Wedding Roller Coaster - a 4-part virtual conversation about the book. Over the 4 weeks, I will give you a more in-depth understanding of what your clients are experiencing emotionally during the wedding planning process and how best to help them navigate through it. Imagine the level of client service you can provide if you meet your clients with empathy, compassion, and an understanding of what they are going through! The first round of the book club starts on April 20th, so the timing of your purchase will determine whether you join the first round or the next.   Ongoing Couple's Perk: If you're getting married, purchase 5 or more paperback copies (and send me a photo of your receipt) and you'll get access to a 90-minute Ask Me Anything webinar about wedding planning. Why would you need 5 copies? Start an engaged friends book club! Gift the book to parents, siblings, or bffs! Anyone involved, even on the periphery, in your wedding planning process will benefit from reading The Wedding Roller Coaster.
Apr 6 2021
34 mins
Ep. 3.31 | Live Events are Returning.  Are You Ready?Ep. 3.30 | Calling All Creative EntrepreneursEp. 3.29 | My Beacon Is Shining Bright For All To SeeEp. 3.28 | Just Start & You Can Get Better Everyday with Alex NepaEp. 3.27 | Entrepreneur to Educator with Megan GillikinEp. 3.26 | Automation & Intelligent Outsourcing with Michelle ThompsonEp. 3.25 | Radical Authenticity with Ruthie BowlesEp. 3.24 | For The Love of Clubhouse with Kaci Brown & Jorge Vasquez
Feb 9 2021
35 mins
Ep. 3.23 | From Stressed to Scalable
Feb 2 2021
32 mins
Ep. 3.22 | Being an Invaluable Member of the Team featuring Anastasia StrattanEp. 3.21 | From Passion to Paycheck with Leslie Spurlock
Leslie's first photographic passion was photojournalism.  We are not talking about PJ style here folks, we are talking about the putting your life at risk to tell stories about atrocities and injustices that are taking place all over the world. As her family grew she realized that she needed to find a way to blend her passion with a paycheck.  Believe it or not, putting your life at risk does not pay particularly well.  Leslie started second shooting weddings with ZERO intention of opening her own wedding photography business.  Well, after seeing her work, her friends and fellow photographers were not about to let that happen.  She quickly became the talk of the town and The Reluctant Wedding Photographer.  Fast forward to 2020 and Leslie was ready to retire and once again had ZERO intention of picking up her photojournalism career where she left off.  As the Black Lives Matter movement mobilized towards the midwest to protest the murder of George Floyd Leslie decided to do the same.  Accompanied by her fiercely loyal, loving and dedicated husband she was ready to once again document world events as seen through her camera's lens and her creative vision! Takeaways from this week's episodes: - Leslies is a force to be reckoned with that casually drops into the interview that she was almost killed a few times. - How she blended her passion with a paycheck to support her family with a safer and more stable artistic outlet at the intersection of art and commerce. - The importance of bringing your whole self to any effort you make so that your brand can be loved, cherished and adored by your audience, fans and clients. - How unforeseen events can impact you and your live's path and work.   Resources:  Follow Leslie on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lesliespurlock/ View Leslie's work featured in the press by Google searching Leslie Spurlock and Zuma Press
Jan 19 2021
30 mins
Ep. 3.20 | Calling Your Shot featuring Marley JaxxEp. 3.19 | The Fearless Factor at Work with Jacqueline Wales
HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I hope that all our faithful listeners had a great holiday season and New Year celebration.  We decided to go to this place called "The Living Room".  I am sure you've all heard of it because it is a really popular spot these days.  There was no cover, the dress was casual and we put the bouncer to bed at 8.  All Dad jokes aside welcome to 2021.  We are happy to be here with you and we are excited and committed to creating high energy, informative and fun episodes again this year. Our first guest of the year certainly brings the heat and sets the bar high.  Jacqueline is a black belt in karate, an avid CrossFit athlete and 69 years young.  She has traveled the world and bring with her a wealth of knowledge and experience helping her audience and clients to find their fearlessness.   In this week's episode we explore: How Jacqueline defines “fearless”. How fear impacts the entrepreneurial journey and why Jacqueline believes that many entrepreneurs suffer setbacks and periods of failure. How, as a blackbelt in Karate, Jacqueline has applied what she learned in the dojo to being fearless and succeeding. The importance of authenticity in minimizing and mitigating fear at work. Spoiler Alert: Jacqueline calls this “Standing in your own shoes” Thanks again for joining us in the new year and be sure to visit http://www.Peoplefistthenprofit.com for a ton of great content, free resources and links to the People First Then Profit Community Resources: Website | https://thefearlessfactoratwork.com/ FB | https://www.facebook.com/JacquelineWales/ LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacquelinewales/
Jan 5 2021
35 mins
Ep. 3.18 | Addicted to Intensity with Erica Ross-Krieger
This week's episode is a bit different than the typical People First Then Profit Podcast conversation. Not long ago an associate of mine, Erica Ross-Krieger presented me with the creative idea to essentially co-host a podcast episode discussing a topic that will resonate with both of our audiences and publish on the same date. Well, December 15, 2020 is that date and this is that episode! Erica Ross-Krieger, M.A, is a nationally acclaimed Business and Success-Mindset Coach, author of the inspirational book, Seven Sacred Attitudes®—How to Live in the Richness of the Moment, and an EFT (Tapping) Expert. We spend our time together discussing Ways that we define intensity and some of our experiences with itHow intensity affects our relationships and our peopleHow internal and external create, are related to and impact intensityHow mindset and EFT practices can impact intensity As you get ready to settle in and listen to this informative episode get ready for all of these great take-aways: Everyone defines, manages, and thinks about “intensity” differently and it thereby affects us each differently.Intensity isn’t inherently positive or negative...it’s up to us to define it, and is also up to us for how we experience it.Entrepreneurship provides many “opportunities” to experience intensity.It’s worth considering whether we are “addicted” to intensity.There are many techniques for managing intensity and stress and learning to stay present in the moment. We need to find the ones that work for us. Be sure to visit http://www.Peoplefistthenprofit.com for a ton of great content, free resources and links to the People First Then Profit Community Resources: Website | http://EricaRossCoach.com FB Page | https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheECafe FB Group | https://www.facebook.com/EricaRossCoach Twitter | https://twitter.com/EricaRossCoach Erica's Free Resources: • For the free Entrepreneur’s Wealth Kit containing the free EFT video http://EricaRossCoach.com/Toolkit • For course outline and upcoming dates of the “10-Day Money Mindset Makeover course”: https://ericarosscoach.com/courses/
Dec 15 2020
42 mins
Ep. 3.17 | The Importance of Client Values with Sanger Smith
Man did I have a great time chatting with Sanger Smith. Clearly some of the important qualities of an effective financial adviser and money manager are protecting and growing funds but they are not the only thing that matters.  Sanger is celebrating 10 years with Clearfork Wealth Management, and is a Managing Partner at a firm that manages half a billion dollars.  So, he know's about the money side of his business but it was exceedingly refreshing to learn more about how Sanger takes a deep interest in the core values and beliefs of his clients to ensure he can properly advise them on both how to save as well as how to spend their money. In this way, he can ensure they get the most by way of financial return but also quality of life. Key takeaways for this week's episode include The importance of defining your core values and making decisions (including financial oriented one) in close alignment with those values. Asking about your prospective clients core values, and/or helping them define them, can act as a very effective filter in determining if they are truly a great fit for you and your company. The way that this knowledge can systematize and objectify what, on the surface, can appear to be subjective decisions with many conflicting variables that promoted could be confusing and paralyzing. How much like an individual, each company needs to leverage their leadership team to "crowdsource' their culture and core values to ensure that all the decisions are being made in accordance with those guiding principles.   Be sure to visit http://www.Peoplefistthenprofit.com for a ton of great content, free resources and links to the People First Then Profit Community   Resources: Website | clearforkwealth.com LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanger-d-smith-b1690647/ Kolbe Method: https://www.kolbe.com/
Dec 8 2020
39 mins