Here with Maggie John

Maggie John

HERE is a new podcast about life stories and lessons learned that asks the question- what got you to the place you find yourself in at this point in your life? We have all been there, staring at a map wondering where we are, and then we see it- the large dot and the words YOU ARE HERE, and suddenly a sigh of relief because now you have perspective on where to go next. But have you ever spent time processing how you got to the spot in which you stand right now, the journey it took you to get there? HERE with me- Maggie John will take you on that journey with each guest as we hear the lessons they have learned, the journey they have taken and how it has made them who they are today. We are all here for a reason- let’s find out why together. Maggie John is a journalist who has worked in the industry for 20 years interviewing newsmakers; politicians; celebrities and people with incredible stories. She is known for her personal; intimate style of interviewing and her gift of listening. She has travelled the world telling stories of survival and strength from the 2010 earthquake in Haiti to war-ravaged Uganda and how they have picked up the pieces after years of war. read less
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