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Episode 8
Dec 7 2022
Episode 8
Total Loss - HearsayRaskol - SpeedCerce - FatePiss Ant - Neighborhood WatchSick Urge - Nuclear Barbecue Mosh FestCasket Robbery - Worm FoodUnhinge - Terminal LossDoldrey - Blood of the SerpentMindforce - Survival is VengeanceClot - Casual MasochistHallucination Realized - Agency DeniedTsuris - Impious FlockFrom the Crypt - Wake the DeadDeserve to Die - Raw CombatAfter months of neglect, we're back with a new playlist - this time without me babbling throughout the episode. I'll be honest, writing a basic script, recording, re-recording because I messed up, and then editing all of my umms, ahhs, and hmms, is time-consuming. Between kids, work, and everything else life entails, I just don't feel like always spending a bunch of time on it. Maybe you'll hear me talk in a later episode, but for now, this lets me focus on the playlist itself and actually get these published.Let's go through some of these picks.Total Loss track comes from a 4-song, 2-minute demo including member(s) of World Peace out on Forever Never Ends Records. Raskol is "anti-nihilist hardcore" from Philly with an EP called Heights of Despair. It only took me a whole year to realize Cerce was back in action and boy am I glad to hear it. I was a big fan of the Self-Titled EP when it was released, particularly because of Becca's vocal styling - it's unique and stands out in the sea of hardcore. Piss Ant - sorry not sorry but there's no way I'd say no to a breakdown with gang vocals singing "A C A B." The Sick Urge track comes from "Finland Means Murder" which just happens to be their pandemic lockdown album. This has 90's style powerviolence written all over it. Go read their Bandcamp page about this release. Casket Robbery has been around for 10 years?? How have I missed this? Their new LP Rituals of Death is on Blood Blast/Nuclear Blast and their brand of melodic death metal ala Black Dahlia Murder is on point. Unhinge blasts their way out of New Jersey with a crusty-kind-of-like-repulsion-style-grindcore which you can (and should) watch in this video.Will Iron Lung Records ever stop releasing the good stuff? Doldrey is an indication that they will not and maybe cannot stop releasing that good good - this time with some punk-infused metal from Singapore. OK come on, you know Mindforce - harmonies, breakdowns, metal leads, but make it hardcore. Clot knows how to make an initial impression - they only have two songs out and that. is. not. enough. This Hallucination Realized track comes from the split with Redundant Protoplasm and somehow manages to fuse multiple sounds seamlessly not just in this track, but throughout the rest of the split. And most importantly - there are blast beats. Tsuris fulfills my love for that almost fully black metal but just enough hardcore mixed-in sound that not enough bands do (or can do well). From the Crypt - this is death metal. This is just death metal and sometimes that's exactly what I want. We end it all with Deserve to Die from Japan with 80's Terrorizer or Napalm Death style blasts.At War with Radio - where the blast beats don't stop.