Chopping firewood in Phoenix, Arizona

Ambient Sounds of Arizona

Feb 20 2023 • 9 mins

It was a nice afternoon and I’d been meaning to split a few big logs I had pulled in from the alley behind my house.

A neighbor had a tree taken down a few months back and the company they used were kind enough to leave several large pieces of the trunk for me. I had them drying out in the sun for 2 months before I felt like I could split them fairly well with my hatchet and steel mallet.

Ended up using a wood splitter for the really big chunks.

The wood was pretty knotted and twisted.

Think it was mesquite which smells amazing when dried out and burned, but the oils can keep the wood moist for a long time after it’s cut up.

The neighbors were out in their backyard today, so you’ll hear kids playing and screaming.

At one point I swear their Mom squeels at them for some reason.

I hope you enjoy this short track of me chopping firewood in my backyard in Phoenix, Arizona


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