Morning rain while smoking a cigar in Phoenix, Arizona

Ambient Sounds of Arizona

Feb 6 2023 • 20 mins

Surprise downpour in Phoenix Arizona. Waking up to this rain was amazing and it stayed on for more than a few hours. After taking the dogs out and feeding the beasts, I grabbed a cigar and a cup of coffee and setup outside. The crinkly start to this recording is from taking the cigar out of it's plastic.

I'd run out of butane for my torch, so I used my Zippo lighter instead. A great way to start off this rain storm session.

After getting my cigar lit, I focus the microphone out into the backyard and across the patio. Rain hits the concrete of my backyard patio and some of our patio furniture, while also pooling a bit. Really lovely to have a rainstorm in Phoenix. Being from Indiana, I miss the rain so much living in the desert.

This was a great way to start a relaxing day that was really enjoyable.

Enjoy this as sound to work to or sleep to, or even just relax on a weekend. Excellent white noise and calming effect.


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