Building Ethically Non-Monogamous Relationships

SDC Presents: Seek, Discover, Create with Lexi Sylver

May 26 2020 • 58 mins

Are you interested in non-monogamous relationships? Are you curious about the best ways to navigate your first steps into the sexy world of consensual non-monogamy (also known as ethical non-monogamy)? Join me today with Dr. Liz Powell, licensed psychologist specializing in non-traditional relationships, and author of the book Building Open Relationships. We’re going to explore different kinds of non-monogamous relationships and what each of those look like; how to develop and maintain healthy and ethical non-monogamy with your partner or partners, and the best communication tips to keep prevent and resolve potential conflict. Dr. Liz Powell is also going to talk about how to be authentic with your partner(s) or your potential new partner(s) as you let them know your interest in non-monogamy, as well as how to best frame those conversations to evoke a more positive reaction from them, and what to do if your partner isn’t as interested in the concept of non-monogamy as you are.