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Welcome to Not Actually Film Critics where not actual film critics critique actual films. Each week, join us as we talk about random stuff, watch movies together and review them. For every episode, we take turns picking movies that fit within a theme, which often leads us to some real hidden gems, or fun oldies that give us a blast from the past! Sometimes we will even release a sync-track of us watching the movie together, so you can sync it up to your viewing of the movie and feel like you're one of us! Follow along with our journey, and you might just discover a favorite film you've never seen before!

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Izzy and Mox - Good Night World
Oct 24 2023
Izzy and Mox - Good Night World
Get ready for an action-packed bonus episode of "Not Actually Film Critics" with Mox and Izzy at the helm as Gibbs and Zea entertain some special house guests this week. These two are shooting the shit on a wide range of exciting topics, from the cutting edge of technology to the latest in entertainment. In the tech corner, they dive into the demand for background checks on 3D printers by New York lawmakers. It's a fascinating look at the intersection of innovation and legislation. And speaking of innovation, they explore the world of Adobe AI and the ways AI tools are reshaping the entertainment industry. You won't want to miss their predictions on how AI could generate intrinsic value for us all. But it's not all tech talk! Izzy shares his One Piece journey and thoughts on the second season of the live-action adaptation. And hold onto your hats, because there's a mind-blowing trivia tidbit about Izzy's favorite One Piece character's voice actor. They'll even discuss training AI to master the world of Pokémon. Ever wonder what our podcast hosts' on-screen live-mapped avatars would look like on YouTube? They've got you covered. Mox also recommends a web serial novel "Pale Lights" that's bound to pique your interest. Izzy makes a triumphant return to the world of Cyberpunk for the Phantom Liberty DLC, and he's here to tell you all about it. SPOILER ALERT: In the final 30 minutes, prepare for an in-depth analysis of Netflix's "Good Night World." This summary is obviously written by ChatGPT to save Izzy some time while Gibbs is away! Support us on Patreon!