ConnectED and Linked Learning College and Career Pathways

The Power of Career Connected Learning with Hans Meeder

Nov 11 2020 • 43 mins

In this week’s episode, Hans interviews Gary Hoachlander, President and Founder of ConnectED, The National Center for College and Career.  Gary explained the structure of Linked Learning College and Career Pathways, and their positive impact on students.

More About ConnectED

You can get up-to-date information at the ConnectED website: https://connectednational.org/


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ConnectED’s core beliefs:

  • All students should have the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their life circumstances.
  • All students deserve a high-quality, relevant, and rigorous education that prepares them for success in college, career, and life.
  • Linked Learning engages students’ interest by providing real-world relevance, inspiring students to persist and excel in their education.
  • Linked Learning closes the opportunity gaps that have historically limited the success of underserved students, including students of color and low-income students.
  • To achieve long-lasting outcomes for students, Linked Learning must engage a broad community coalition in a shared vision for student success.

What is Linked Learning?

Linked Learning is an approach to educational reform that combines rigorous academics, demanding career and technical education, real-world experience, and integrated student supports.

At ConnectED, we believe that a Linked Learning approach can provide a great education for every student. Linked Learning helps educators create real-world learning experiences that interest, challenge, and inspire students, so they can better understand the connections between the classroom and the world of work. When this happens, research shows that students are more likely to deeply engage in their learning, and more likely to transform a passion into a profession.

About Gary Hoachlander

Gary Hoachlander is President and CEO of ConnectED: The National Center for College and Career. Beginning his career in 1966 as a brakeman for the Western Maryland Railroad, he has devoted most of his professional life to helping young people learn by doing—connecting education to the opportunities, challenges, and many different rewards to be found through work.

Widely known for his expertise in career and technical education and many other aspects of elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education, Gary has consulted extensively for the U.S. Department of Education, state departments of education, local school districts, foundations, and a variety of other clients.

Gary earned his Bachelor’s degree at Princeton University and holds both a Master’s and Ph.D. degree from the Department of City and Regional Planning, University of California, Berkeley.