P-TECH, Pathways to Technology Early College High School

The Power of Career Connected Learning with Hans Meeder

Nov 4 2020 • 38 mins

Show Overview

In this episode, host Hans Meeder interviews Grace Suh, vice president of Education for IBM Corporate Social Responsibility.  Grace and Hans discuss the Pathways to Early College High School model (P-Tech) that was developed with the active involvement and support of IBM in 2011 and is currently being implemented in 11 states.  P-Tech provides an intensive education/workforce educational approach to help economically disadvantaged youth earn a two-year college degree in a STEM field.  The degree is delivered through an integrated early college high school model at no cost to the student and with ongoing employer involvement and work-based learning.  It is specifically designed to help economically disadvantaged youth gain access to high-skilled, well-paying STEM careers.

Today’s Guest

Grace Suh serves as vice president of Education for IBM Corporate Social Responsibility.  In her position, Grace manages IBM’s global STEM initiatives. Prior to IBM, Grace worked at the Children’s Defense Fund, a national child advocacy organization in Washington, D.C.  In addition to the corporate and nonprofit sectors, Grace has worked on education and children’s issues for state and city governments.  Grace has a master’s degree in public policy from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree from Columbia University.

More Resources and Links

Open P-TECH (www.open.ptech.org) is a free digital learning platform for students ages 14-20. Open P-TECH is a great way to jump-start career exploration with industry-relevant learning created to keep your student’s attention and motivate them to want to learn more. Plus, users will have free access to digital badges from IBM and other partners that can boost their LinkedIn profile or resume to help them get that first meaningful job opportunity.

Additional P-TECH Resources

IBM developed www.ptech.org to serve as the central hub for public-private partnerships interested in learning about and implementing this groundbreaking model.  The site provides action-oriented guidance and tools, including case studies, to enable public-private partnerships to implement the model effectively and with fidelity.

IBM Global STEM Initiatives