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Our Editor's Take

Listeners who pay attention to conservative media are likely to be familiar with Joe "Pags" Pagliarulo. The Joe Pags Show is the podcast version of Joe's popular daily talk show. Listeners who want to know the host's thoughts on various issues can listen to his show at any time.

Joe Pags has been a presence in the world of news and commentary for decades. He began his career as a radio commentator in Palm Beach, Florida in the late 1980s. He then spent time working as a television reporter in various places across the country. He has worked as a lead anchor in both Michigan and New York.

In 2005, Joe returned to radio and began The Joe Pags Show. The program became one of the most popular afternoon talk shows in the country. Pags has become known for his insightful commentary and a well-honed sense of humor. He has strong conservative values and is not afraid to share them when asked. The show comes from San Antonio, Texas and runs on radio stations throughout the United States.

Joe Pags is not the only person who appears on The Joe Pags Show, though. He has interviewed several prominent people within the Republican party as well. These include author Dinesh D'Souza and musician John Rich.

Some of the more popular episodes of the program involved a famous guest. Joe Pags interviewed President Donald Trump in 2017. He also interviewed Trump after he lost re-election. These episodes were some of the most listened-to selections of The Joe Pags Show since it began.

Joe asks listeners to call in and discuss current events and pop culture with him as well. He manages to keep things lighthearted while still offering insightful commentary. The show is both hard-hitting and fun. This makes the program an easy listen. For those looking for a conservative talk show with a sense of humor, The Joe Pags Show is a great place to start.

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