The Knowing Place

Chuck Smith

Over the course of the last four decades, I've learned that perspective is an integral part of our mental, psychological, emotional, and spiritual health. We're advised to seek wise counsel and perspectives from others is the best way to get this counsel. The Knowing Place platform allows for open discussion, transparency, and quality conversations that only seek to empower, liberate, and encourage. Support: paypal.me/chuck5470 HELP: https://ncadv.org/resources Store: https://the-knowing-place-2.creator-spring.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/theknowingplace/support
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MicroMinisode: Tough Guy Talk Lesson #1
Episode 14: When Relationships Die: Taking Ownership and GrowingMinisode 13.3: ProcessingMinisode 13.2: The Struggle: When Love Fights You!Minisode 13.1: Just Pray?Episode 13: The Heart of the MatterEpisode 12: Riots and Protests: Perspectives on justice and race and the factors that influence them.(A conservation)Episode 11: Just Trying To Get By(Poetry Moment)Minisode 10.2: Thankful ThursdayMinisode 10.1: Back When(A Poetry Moment)Episode 10: L.A. Law, So Much More Than An AttorneyMinisode 9.2: Grandma, Is That You?Minisode 9.1: 24 K Magic: Make Your Thoughts GoldenEpisode 9: Fruits And Greens And Herbs And Things Featuring Herbalist Moni AmandlaMinisode 8.1: Now, How Much Will This Cost?MicroMinisode: Tough Guy Talk Lesson #1Episode 8: There Is Hope: Domestic Violence Awareness MonthMinisode 7.1: Episode 8 Preview(Domestic Violence Awareness Month )Episode 7: Intellectual ArroganceMinisode 6.2: 24 And No MoreMinisode 6.1: Let's Be Proactive And Not Reactive With Our Health