(197) S9E40 {Interview ~ Joshua of the Our Foundations Podcast} The Idealism of Anarchism and the Kingdom of God

The Fourth Way

Aug 2 2022 • 1 hr 40 mins

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0:00:00 - Introduction
0:12:45 - Christians should seek idealism and perfection, despite its unattainability
0:18:00 - Why don't we teach pursuing the ideal in governing our world, but we teach pursuing the ideal in regard to things like adultery/lust and murder/hate?
0:22:00 - Reverse incarnation as hope and hypocrisy as a lack of pursuing the ideal
0:24:30 - how do you know which ideal to embrace when there are competing idealisms?
0:29:40 - The practical nature of the Kingdom of God and his orderly universe
0:40:40 - Cycle of individualism vs the cycle of institutionalism
0:46:00 - Flipping the script: the idealism of the statists and just war adherents
0:56:00 The practical nature of God's kingdom
1:01:00 - The alternative of no government seems worse
1:05:00 - The market as organization rather than state
1:20:00 - Free markets incentivize non-discrimination
1:31:45 - Cycles in human history
1:38:00 -  Outro and plugs

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