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For Your Informatics Podcast created by and for members to inform and inspire the informatics community towards action around opportunities for women in AMIA to improve health and healthcare. As a part of this mission, in 2018 champions of the Women in AMIA initiative, Drs. Wendy Chapman, Jessie Tenenbaum, Deepti Pandita, Merida Johns, and Laurie Griggs, started the Women in AMIA (WIA) Podcast. The WIA Podcast was an outlet to share opportunities for women in AIMA, to promote equal opportunity and treatment of women in biomedical informatics, and to increase the number of women in the biomedical informatics pipeline. Now, renamed ‘For Your Informatics’ Podcast where we explore the limitless world of medical informatics. ‘For Your Informatics’ Podcast is still led by the Women in AMIA and showcases talented individuals at all career stages and share paths to reveal the limitless and diverse world of biomedical and health informatics professions and its diverse voices to inspire greatness in the field. We recognize that women are not the only underrepresented group in AMIA or biomedical informatics, and the podcast content is valuable to everyone. While the podcast remains produced by women, we hope to capture the interest of all people interested in the informatics world. Our core values are inclusivity, diversity, education, and leadership. Our mission is to attract people from underrepresented groups into the biomedical informatics field, to create podcasts that can be used in multipurpose settings, to add underrepresented groups to the AMIA/biomedical informatics pipeline, and to teach practical aspects of biomedical informatics. read less

Episode 27: ACM-AMIA Joint Podcast Series
Apr 22 2022
Episode 27: ACM-AMIA Joint Podcast Series
Co-Hosted: Sabrina Hsueh, PhD, Bayesian Health  Karmen Williams, DrPH, MBA, MSPH, MA , CPH., City University of New York  Guest: Dr. Wendy Chapman, Director of the Centre for Digital Transformation of Health, University of Melbourne Dr. Chapman's research focuses on developing computer algorithms to understand information typed into electronic medical records - natural language processing of clinical text. She sees incredible opportunities for improving healthcare delivery and individual health if we can harness information to support decision making, improved processes, and behaviour change. She enjoys skiing, mountain biking, cooking, and visiting dog parks and beaches with her two huskies. She moved to Melbourne with her husband and youngest son and looks forward to the time when her older children can visit. ACM-AMIA Joint Podcast Series is a joint effort of the Women in AMIA’s For Your Informatics (FYI) podcast and the ACM ByteCast, is a podcast series exploring the interdisciplinary field of medical informatics where both the practitioners of AI /ML solution builders and the stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystems take interest.  The two host professional societies, ACM’s practitioner's board and the Women in AMIA (WIA) steering committee, have extended the effort of the two successful flagship podcast series to start this new series. This series will be jointly hosted by Rashmi Mohan, Karmen Williams, Adela Grando, and Sabrina Hsueh, who will interview female leaders (researchers, practitioners, and innovators) who have first-hand experience enabling AI/ML in real-world applications in healthcare and life science. Special emphasis will be given to the guest’s career path in this highly interdisciplinary field and how each of them navigates and chooses their path and establishes their reputation within the field.  We would also welcome the guest to discuss how she evaluates and governs their own AI applications and builds trust in their own field. In each bi-monthly episode, guests will share their experiences handling interdisciplinary communication and workforce equity issues, the lessons they’ve learned on their own career paths, and their own visions for the future of computing.