The Witch Wound, Cosmic Beings, and Spontaneous Healings with Melynda Lopez

Abundantly Curious

Oct 6 2022 • 52 mins

This week, we sit down with Melynda Lopez, intuitive mentor, Akashic records guide, and healer. She shares her jaw-dropping stories of her sons’ gifts and how they awakened her to her own, spontaneous healings she’s performed, and contact with other dimensional beings. Tune in to learn about the 4 main “Clairs” or intuitive senses, the different ancestral wounds we carry with us, and what it’s like to be in the akashic records.

Time Stamps

02:18 - How Melynda Discovered Her Intuitive Gifts

10:39 - The 4 Main Clair Senses

18:12 - The Witch Archetype and the Witch Wound

21:21 - The Akashic Records and Ancestral Wounds

28:58 - Frequencies, Dimensions and Cosmic Beings

38:02 - Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet

41:36 - Spontaneous Healings

About Melynda Lopez

Melynda is an intuitive channel, healer, and Akashic Records guide. She is also a registered nurse with a masters degree in clinical nurse leadership. Melynda guides women to deepen their connection to their spiritual gifts, heal and understand their deep rooted patterns, and reconnect to their higher self to create limitless abundance.

About Geri Paige Butner

Geri is a leader in the art of personal freedom, working to create powerful catalysts for individual change and transformation. She serves through her work as a freedom-focused entrepreneur, speaker, coach and highly curious being who has learned that when we follow our curiosity, we're led to what lights us up and propels us forward. Geri is the creator of The Business Firestarter and The Liberated Life programs, where she guides people on their journey to create a life and work they love.

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