Introduction: Finding Our Way Back to Curiosity

Abundantly Curious

Jul 6 2022 • 22 mins

About This Episode

In this introductory episode of Abundantly Curious, your host Geri Paige Butner lays the foundation for an exciting season of interviews with fascinating guests. Geri explores how our tribal nature shapes our belief systems on everything from the products we buy to the way we heal ourselves, and shows us a path forward to true exploration and expansion through three guiding principles of curiosity.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how our tribal nature groups us into camps of belief and thought, and how those camps shape our life.
  • Examine common social consequences of curiosity as a result of our tribe’s cognitive biases.
  • How “idea branding” has simplified some of our thought processes at the expense of true curiosity, exploration, and understanding.
  • How we can use curiosity to expand into new possibilities and gain true alignment in our beliefs, practices, and ways of being and doing.
  • Three guiding principles for how to approach curiosity and explore new information for positive impact.

Time Stamps

0:00 - Intro

0:39 - Building beliefs as tribal beings

3:26 - Idea Branding: What is it and how does it impact us?

11:42 - Social consequences of curiosity or challenges to cognitive biases

15:33 - What we get curious about on Abundantly Curious

16:34 - Curiosity Principle 1: Listen for insight, not agreeable.

18:03 - Curiosity Principle 2: Embrace the power of the “and,” and release the tyranny of the “but.”

20:38 - Curiosity Principle 3: Expand into possibility.

About Geri Paige Butner

Geri is a leader in the art of personal freedom, working to create powerful catalysts for individual change and transformation. She serves through her work as a freedom-focused entrepreneur, speaker, coach and highly curious being who has learned that when we follow our curiosity, we're led to what lights us up and propels us forward. Geri is the creator of The Business Firestarter and The Liberated Life programs, where she guides people on their journey to create a life and work they love. You can find her on Instagram @geripaige.

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