EP101 How facing adversity helped me create a podcast to inspire others to elevate their life and wellbeing with host, Kay Cote

Elevated You Podcast

Jan 3 2023 • 14 mins

For the longest time, I thought being bullied was considered normal and that it had no real effect on who I am today. In all actuality, bullying can have a huge impact on who you are.

There is no stereotype for someone who's been bullied. Often times they suffer in silence and the long-lasting effects may follow them throughout their entire lives.

Being bullied can lead you to stifle yourself or take on unrealistic beliefs about who you are. So much so that you may loose sight of your gifts and talents. You may suppress your ideas and opinions in fear of what others might think, or worse, what they might say. You may create a negative outlook on who your are and dismiss your value.

It's important to become aware of these negative thought patterns and ask yourself if they truly belong to you, or if they may have been learned from experiencing being bullied, put down or made fun of.

The Elevated You podcast is for anyone who's experienced long term affects of being bullied and who wants to break free from fear-based thinking and self doubt and rediscover their true purpose. This podcast is going to be a healing journey for my listeners as well as myself.

Each episode shares the stories of people who've transformed their life to live in alignment with their true purpose. These stories are raw, real and remind you that you, too, can stop living for what everyone else thinks, and start living the life you were meant to live.

What you gain from listening:

  • Powerful tools to help shift your mindset
  • Mindfulness in action techniques
  • Self assurance and confidence
  • Self acceptance, compassion and love
  • The power of empathy
  • Mental fitness
  • Inspiration to move forward
  • Resources including access to coaches and other professionals
  • Tools to elevate your life and wellbeing
  • An all-around good time!

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