The Do Zone

Josh Thomas

If you’re a busy entrepreneur who’s looking to get more stuff done in less time, grab something to take notes with and follow along as we discover lessons from some of the world’s most productive small business owners. Discover how to overcome your fears and anxieties and take purposeful, impactful action. If you’re tired of being stuck where you’re at and determined to break through that barrier in front of you, this is the place to be. I’m Josh Thomas, a 15+ year, battle-hardened entrepreneur and small business consultant. I’ve spent my entire career constantly chasing after the ultimate balance of time and value. Join me and shave years off your timeline to progress and results as we discover how to become the most elite versions of ourselves. I’ll share every single insight, tip, trick, tool, and resource with you both from what has worked for me before, and what I discover anew. And along the way, we’ll each get to know some of the best in the business and learn from them too!