Innovative Mindful Solutions with Terry Galler

Terry Galler, LPC

The way we do business has changed. It is fast-paced and technologically driven. The work day never ends, and the stress continues to mount. The pace stifles creativity and responsiveness. These demands are exhausting business leaders and burning out good employees. It is not enough to work from the top down, we now must work from the inside out. Innovative Mindful Solutions will discuss these stressors in an authentic way. We will empower today’s business leaders through mindfulness-based approaches that are proven to reduce stress, enhance creativity and responsiveness, improve communication and connection to keep you moving forward. You will hone your emotional skills. With our interesting guests, we'll discuss how these skills are implemented into your business. We will take the mysticism out of mindfulness and make these tools practical, fun, and most importantly, effective. Let us show you how Innovative Mindful Solutions can change your business for the better! read less