The Perils of Perfectionism

Innovative Mindful Solutions with Terry Galler

Dec 18 2017 • 55 mins

Today Innovative Mindful Solutions will explore how our drive to get things perfect can sabotage your progress. We often think I have to get this perfect! it will be finished when it is perfect How much time and energy do we waste in this pursuit? How much anxiety do we create in ourselves trying to reach this unrelenting goal? How inflexible do we become in the search for the perfect solution while missing other opportunities that may present themselves in the process? Today's show will explore the roots of perfectionism and what it really means for yourself and your business. We will discuss the perils of this type of thinking and the truth of what it actually does to you! And we will focus on mindful ways to get around these tendencies and discover a path that allows for more flexibility, creativity, and openness to the process. Don’t be trapped by your perfectionism! Let me show you how to break free!