Three-D Discipleship


Discipleship in this Culture: Pastor Matt McMillan and others talk about discipleship in today's culture and churches going through revitalizations. Discipleship is learning to bow on earth, become on earth, and battle on earth like you will in Heaven.
Ep. 80 - What is your Life Purpose? Acts 8Ep. 79 - Unstoppable: Do you know about Jesus but not KNOW Jesus? Acts 18:23-19:10Ep. 78 - Unstoppable: Are the things of this world bringing your strength or weakness? Acts 18:1-22Ep. 77 - A Different Kind of Christmas: What is your New Year focus? Psalm 27:1-14Ep. 76 - A Different Kind of Christmas:  Jesus came to reveal the Glory of God, to save His people and to send His people into Darkness to Light it up. Isaiah 6Ep. 75 - A Different Kind of Christmas: The presence of God makes Christmas so much more than a human tradition. Genesis 18:1-8Ep. 74 - A Different Kind of Christmas: The Biblical History of Christmas Carols.Ep. 73 - Unstoppable: How are You engaging the culture where you live? Acts 17:16-34Ep. 72 - Unstoppable: Why do we study our Bibles? Acts 17:1-15Ep. 71 - Unstoppable: God came for ALL, sent us to ALL, and Works beyond our simple methods. Acts 16:11-40Ep. 70 - Unstoppable: God‘s PLAN will always be carried out despite opposition! Acts 15:36 - 16:10Ep. 69 - Unstoppable: What are you willing to die for? Acts 15:1-35Ep. 68 - Unstoppable: What would you do for the lost to be found and the found to be discipled? Acts 14:1-28Ep. 67 - Unstoppable: God‘s mission moves forward despite opposition, persecution and division. Acts 13:4-52Ep. 66 - Unstoppable: In your life right now, are you panicking or resting? Acts 12:1-24Ep. 65 - Unstoppable: We are ordinary people with ordinary problems with an extraordinary solution. Acts 11:19-30Ep. 64 - Unstoppable: Are you willing to do what God has called you to do even when it‘s uncomfortable? Acts 9:32 - 11:18Ep. 63 - Unstoppable: Do you know when it‘s God telling you what to do? Acts9:1-31Ep. 62 - Unstoppable: Are you going where God has called you to go? Acts 8:26-40Ep. 61 - Unstoppable: Am I going to live for God or am I going to live for man? Acts 8:4-25