Tom Mantos Speaking of Nutrition

Tom Mantos with Fred Fornicola

This show teaches you basic scientific facts related to chronic health conditions, plus the overall picture of the conditions and personal strategies to improve your health outcomes. Topics covered include diabetes, auto-immune disorders, chronic inflammation, heart disease, cancer, toxicity and detoxification, children’s health issues, Alzheimer’s disease, sports nutrition and more.
THE AMAZING SYSTEM OF MEDICINE CALLED HOMEOPATHYNutrition Round Table 2Toxicity and Chronic Disease:DetoxificationBehavior Problems in Children: ADD/ADHDUse Your Brain To Lose Your BellyStaying Young:Preventing Biological AgingNutrition For The active Person to The AthleteThe Inflammatory Disorders/Auto-immunity: The Fire WithinNutrition Round TableHealthy BonesThe Healthy HeartType 2 Diabetes A New Epidemic Part 2Type 2 Diabetes A New Epidemic