Teaching and Promoting Body Autonomy

The Red White and Boo

Feb 22 2024 • 33 mins

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*This episode contains content regarding sexual health*

"Vagina. Penis.We say all the vocabulary words at our house. We always have. Breasts and testicles are said in the same tone of voice as cerebellum and patella. Since my kids were little, I wanted them to know that all body parts have anatomical names. Vocabulary is not just a worksheet that comes home from school. It comes in all areas of life and is so important in teaching kids who they are and how to be safe.

Body vocabulary, body autonomy, and body safety all go hand in hand. Whether our children are little or big, teaching kids about their bodies is so important."

Thank you to #MilMC Contributors Alexis and Courtney for sharing encouragement and tips for how to bring up and/or address these conversations with our children.

Don’t be afraid to have tough conversations with your children. Teach them how to protect, love, and empower themselves.  We are here for you.

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