#35 Resilience, Innovation, And Finding Your Purpose With Gioel Molinari

Forward Obsessed

Jul 13 2023 • 2 hrs 3 mins

Gioel Molinari is the Founder of Autostrada, a boutique automotive club and showroom in Westport, CT. He was previously the exiting Founder of ClariFi and President of Butterfly Network, a medical device company that is democratizing healthcare by making medical imaging as accessible as a stethoscope.

In this episode, David Salinas and Pete Sena sit down with entrepreneur and leader Gioel Molinari to discuss various topics relating to entrepreneurship, leadership skills, and growing companies. Gioel shares his diverse journey, ranging from being a partner at Bridgewater, to starting from scratch while dealing with depression, to building one of the most innovative medical device companies in the world. Delve into the challenges Gioel faced when tasked with getting FDA clearance for a handheld ultrasound product and the lessons learned about the long cycle times and high costs associated with making hardware changes. Explore Gioel's belief in self-education and the value of practical skills over structured education. Gioel dives into the current state of the technology business, the importance of a motivated and gritty workforce, and the potential for other countries to surpass if they don't pick up their game.


  • (00:00) Intro

  • (2:00) Early years

  • (3:31) Entrepreneurship is in your DNA

  • (7:00) Family businesses and crafts

  • (13:30) Working in family businesses as a child

  • (17:21) Instilling work ethic in young people

  • (24:30) Speed, Simplicity, and Scaling

  • (30:37) Finding and utilizing world-class talent

  • (38:35) Dealing with the egos of talented people

  • (45:57) Why get an education in Chemical Engineering?

  • (51:04) Timing is everything in entrepreneurship

  • (54:40) Pivoting to E-Commerce

  • (59:30) The Wall-Street Quant Crash

  • (1:04:50) Defining product market fit

  • (1:09:20) Why startups are unglamorous meat grinders

  • (1:20:40) How I got fired from Bridgewater

  • (1:25:15) Dealing with depression and starting at Butterfly

  • (1:33:13) Changing healthcare with a handheld ultrasound device

  • (1:38:00) Innovating in healthcare with e-commerce

  • (1:43:53) Pitching is about storytelling

  • (1:47:20) You are the best person to run your company

  • (1:53:46) Autostrada



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