#15 Leading An Entrepreneurial State With Governor Ned Lamont

Forward Obsessed

Oct 6 2022 • 23 mins

Ned Lamont is the Governor of the State of Connecticut. In this episode, learn about the governor’s early years as he transitioned from running a local newspaper to founding Campus Televideo, a telecoms company that was acquired by Apogee in 2015. Hear about his pivot into politics, and how he measures success as Governor of the State of Connecticut. Governor Lamont shares his personal experiences as he led the state through the pandemic, delving into how he designed a strategy that helped Connecticut have one of the best outcomes in the country. In the end of the episode, Governor Lamont shares his ideas for the future of entrepreneurship in his state.


  • (00:00) - Intro
  • (1:00) - Early Years As A Journalist
  • (4:21) - Founding Campus Televideo
  • (6:11) - Pivoting From Entrepreneurship To Politics
  • (7:10) - How Does A Politician Measure Success?
  • (9:10) - How To Lead Through A Pandemic
  • (11:05) - Why Did Connecticut Do Well During the Pandemic?
  • (12:10) - Tips To Develop Entrepreneurial Skills
  • (13:51) - Dealing With Mental Health During A Crisis
  • (18:00) - How I Built My Administration
  • (19:58) - What Is The Future Of Entrepreneurship In Connecticut?



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