#30 The Art Of Never Giving Up With Larry Janesky

Forward Obsessed

May 4 2023 • 1 hr 50 mins

Larry Janesky is the CEO and Founder of Basement Systems, Contractor Nation, The School Of Entrepreneurship, and owns over 30 businesses across the United States. Larry is also one of the most accomplished desert motorcycle racers in the world, and has competed and won the Baja 1000 Desert race multiple times. On this episode of Forward Obsessed, we dive into the importance of focusing our attention on positive and constructive things that align with our goals. We discuss how negative news and media can be detrimental to our well-being and how to combat it. Larry shares their personal childhood experiences that helped shape their work ethic and the lessons they teach their own children, as well as the strategies for effective sales presentations and the importance of being able to connect with different personality types.

Larry also shares his experience competing in a 1000 mile desert motorcycle race and the lessons they learned from it. We delve into the idea of perseverance and not giving up despite obstacles that come our way. Join us as we explore the importance of investing in our own education and producing value to help society function.


  • (00:00) - Intro

  • (1:15) - Learning ambition at a young age

  • (5:28) - Growing up in Bridgeport Connecticut

  • (10:22) - Raising kids to be rabid learners

  • (15:28) - Reputation and trust are everything in business

  • (17:25) - How to cultivate ambition in others?

  • (21:00) - The “no job too small” mentality leads to success

  • (27:00) - How to handle fear as an entrepreneur

  • (29:30) - A marble for every week I am alive

  • (32:20) - Fear and negativity is easy

  • (34:29) - You create the world you live in by what you pay attention to

  • (38:55) - Entrepreneurship is about seeing who you can become

  • (43:30) - Building a basement waterproofing empire

  • (50:40) - An extraordinary life of shared experiences

  • (54:38) - If you are doing a presentation, you are doing a show

  • (1:00:41) - Work once, get paid forever

  • (1:03:07) - Founding a school of entrepreneurship

  • (1:11:13) - Iron sharpens iron: Winning the Baja 1000 motorcycle race

  • (1:27:48) - What is means to never give up



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