28. Becoming the European management consultancy for integrated communications - in conversation with Lansons/Team Farner CEO Gordon Tempest-Hay


Jan 24 2024 • 33 mins

2023 was a busy year for M&A in the PR/comms industry. One of the most significant of these deals was announced in October when Lansons was acquired by Team Farner.

This episode of Waypointers sees Gordon Tempest-Hay, the CEO of Lansons telling Waypoint partner Jim Houghton the story behind the deal headlines and his and Farner’s ambitions – “to become the European management consultancy for integrated communications”.  Farner might not be a well-known entity in the UK, but that’s about to change.

We also hear about Gordon’s rather circuitous route into the comms industry by way of spending almost ten years trying to make it as a rock star (hint, he came very close!)

Once in the industry, from working in-house at the DWP, Gordon moved agency side, taking up roles at some of its most notable businesses – Fishburn Hedges, Blue Rubicon, Teneo/Blue Rubicon and from 2022, Lansons.

At BR/Teneo, and then again when Lansons became part of Waterland backed Farner, he’s had plenty of experience working with private equity investors.  He talks positively about the value they bring to a partnership and the support they have provided him in good times as well as bad.