Feeling like a kook

The Mindful Surfer

Nov 22 2021 • 46 mins

This week, Will has an "accident" on the way to the surf whilst Liam's been grafting at home DIY'ing.

The boys digress the in's and out's of wetsuit choices and why anything but an O'neill seems to be a mistake!

Will shares a story from feeling like a massive kook at a popular wave and how he works through the triggers...

Liam shares the insight about flow experience - how do we reach and maintain it going into waves (or crowds) that challenge us more than normal.

In mind'body'stoke, Liam shares stories of balancing his London lifestyle with trying to stay fit and healthy for surf.

The boys then share why alcohol (or sugar) is so appealing to humans and little hacks to keep a balance on it so you can still get the most from the surf.

Enjoy the show guys!

Will & Liam