WTF Did I Just Read? Tech Sales & Marketing Edition


Dani Woolf, CEO of Audience 1st, and Chris Roberts, CISO of Boom Supersonic, are flipping the script on the worst marketing & sales messages in cybersecurity - once and for all. They’re lifting the rug of the CISOs email inbox, picking one poor marketing or sales message, and tearing it down. More importantly, they’re building it back up to provide an alternative approach that does work. They believe in open lines of communication. So, they’re coming on live every week so you can ask questions, validate your message, or get advice on how to connect with security practitioners. read less

The 1st LIVE Session of WTF Did I Just Read? + CISO AMA
Nov 14 2022
The 1st LIVE Session of WTF Did I Just Read? + CISO AMA
In this episode of WTFDIJR, Chris and Dani are uncovering: Welcome to the 1st LIVE session of WTF Did I Just Read?!Ramping down on conferences before ramping back on upThoughts on the 1st ever Black Hat MEADealing with emails during and post-conferencesThe teardownThe buildupLive questions: If I know exactly what someone’s tech stack is, the solutions they use, and the problem with those solutions - is there an educated way to send out a good email to talk about complimenting, replacing, or consolidating those solutions?Is there a non-douchey way, following an incident, to present a solution that could be beneficial given the incident? Is there a way not to chase the ambulance in a disgusting way?Why do you think that the vendors are so slow to move and do you think they're just not listening on the executive level?What do you think someone in my position, as an account executive, might be able to do to make it better?Many of us are selling the same services and solutions. What makes you consider one company over the other offering the same services?Typically after shows I'll follow up with attendees whom a colleague or I spoke with at the show where we've mutually shared contact info and actually discussed our solution or they showed true interest. But the issue I'm seeing is that I get crickets afterward. I'd love to hear from CISO's perspective why that would be, because we got the interest, we got the okay to contact them directly and I'll give them the out within the email so they can tell us no without any pressure. But since I don't get feedback, I'm unsure of other possible reasons. A small take on the perception of what’s free and not free Subscribe to our email list to get notified when a new episode drops: Victim of a crappy marketing or sales message? Quickly and easily submit an ineffective email, social media post, website landing page, event message, or digital ad to 📧 We will provide an alternative and better approach live on the show.