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Valerie L. Cartonio

Prison POD, P.O. Box 294, Orono, ME 04473


07/05/24 -  Website:

Those who may be hearing impaired can view on YouTube (link below) and use the Closed Captioning.         Season 1 is not available on YouTube.

You can also find Season 2 on YouTube!

You can also listen to all of the Inside Death Row: NC and Life Without Parole on YouTube.

New Programming: North Carolina Field Ministers podcast "Changing Lives, Changing Culture" can be found on YouTube:

All links pertaining to Prison POD Productions can be found here:

This podcast is for people who are in jail or prison, and/or affected by incarceration. Using Sociology and Peace Studies to: Save Lives, Restore Hope, Reduce Suffering and Recidivism.

July 2024 - Season 3 with 28 Episodes has just been sent to Edovo to be added to prison tablets across the country! Prison POD Productions would like to thank Edovo for helping make this happen!

The host has 20+ years experience working inside several jails and prisons, providing education in substance abuse prevention, doing HIV testing and counseling, reentry planning, inmate advocacy, and mentoring. This work brought them into various areas of peoples lives including coming home, marriages, births, courts, jail visits...death. Their passion for change has led them to produce this podcast.

The people they worked with made a permanent imprint. Recently they published their first book "Notes from the Peaceful Sociologist" reflecting writings about prison work from a unique perspective. You can find it on:

Save Lives, Restore Hope, Reduce Suffering.

Host: Valerie L. Cartonio , P.O. Box 294, Orono, ME 04473

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