Ep. 6: Xingu by Edith Wharton

Radio Play Revival

Jan 29 2022 • 50 mins

Hillbridge, 1916: The ladies of the local lunch club have invited the celebrated novelist of their latest read to be their guest. However, their own internal competition and inferiority complexes send the meticulously planned afternoon of literary discussion wildly off the rails. Cast (in speaking order): HARRIET HARRIS as The Narrator ANNA DEAVERE SMITH as Miss Van Vluyck MICHELLE WILLIAMS as Fanny Roby BLAIR BROWN as Mrs. Plinth CHARLES BUSCH as Mrs. Ballinger BRIDGET EVERETT as Mrs. Leveret KATHRYN GRODY as Laura Glyde EVA MARIE SAINT as Osric Dane with SAM TSOUTSOUVAS, the voice of RPR Piano excerpts performed by JOSEPH THALKEN Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices