Beliefs of the Heart: Reflections

Sam Williamson

A reading of Beliefs of the Heart weekly article, followed by a reflection: the reason behind the article, comments from readers, or other versions that were edited out. Live comments by author Sam Williamson. You can find more of Sam's writing at: https://beliefsoftheheart.com/ Special thanks to Keith Medley for his FANTASTIC 27 string guitar background song, Ancestors. You can find more of Keith's music at: http://www.keithmedleymusic.com/

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I Was Mortified
May 10 2022
12 mins
I Was MortifiedThe Measure of Our LivesImagine There's No HeavenWhen Salvation Isn't EnoughThe Pimps and the Prostitutes Are Closer to Heaven Than We AreIs It Dangerous to "Hear God" Outside of Scripture?When Success FailsDregs of CultureCan A Light Switch Really Disprove Supernatural Activity?Counterfeit SpiritualityWhy Can't We Admit the Evil Within?Fearing Go[o]dWhen God Seems SilentMy First Parachute Jump Ever -- And My LastWhen Science is PoliticizedHunting HeroesBullied by a Boss