Hosted by Macedonia, Radio BSOTS is a music podcast dedicated to independent rhythms and sounds from around the way to around the world. Genres covered include hip-hop, soul, jazz, funk, and electronic music.
Radio BSOTS show #175 - Does Music Belong In Podcasting?
Your feedback is not only welcome, but strongly encouraged.  Please feel free to get in touch via email, voice mail, or Twitter. Should anyone have any doubts as to what my answer is to the question posed in this episode's title, please know that it's a resounding YES! I had a Frank Zappa album title in my head while creating this show (Does Humor Belong In Music?), but ultimately it's a reaction to all of the DMCA takedowns issued to podcasters by the RIAA last year and this year. In fact, I received an unauthorized material notice of my own early on in 2020 (for a song that I never played), and now seems like the perfect time to finally share that story. In addition, I talk about the days when resources like Podsafe Music Network and IODA Promonet were still around, back when it felt like the term "podsafe music" was more concrete and not some abstract theory or intangible concept. All of the songs featured in this episode are Creative Commons-licensed tracks, meaning that they're all free to download, to share, and to enjoy. Some come from netlabels like blocSonic, Makorka, and Kahvi Collective while others were found over at Bandcamp, Jamendo, and the Free Music Archive. It's a mix of hip-hop and electronic cuts including a pair of gamer jams and even a live cut from 2017 featuring Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab fame. I think this episode is the right one for Camp Lo-Fi to ease its way back into the podosphere. (By the way, the "podsafe artist" drops featured in this episode all date back to 2008. Outasight, Astronauts of Antiquity, and yes, Wendy & Lisa were all working with Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR at the time. Shout out to Ariel Hyatt for her work in artist development for at least 25 years now.) This episode's track list: 1. Mos Envy - Faded (Featuring Izabu) (CC BY 4.0) 2. CM & Tha Silent Partner - Problems (CC BY 4.0) 3. Tab - Lush (CC BY 3.0) 4. Proviant Audio - Mushrooms (CC BY 3.0) 5. Mega Ran - Proto Culture 2​.​0 (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien) (CC BY 3.0) 6. Amerigo Gazaway - Hero of Time (CC BY 3.0) 7. Pandacetamol - Vanguard (CC BY 3.0) 8. Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble - Undying Love For Humanity (CC BY 4.0) 9. Moki McFly - Eternal Recurrence (CC BY 3.0) 10. A-Grav Lab - Spacewalkers (CC BY 4.0) ID drops courtesy of Jonny Sonic, Darren Keith, and Kahlief Adams. Theme music by Cy Tru (edited by Macedonia). Background music: qpe - milk Charlie Dreaming - Soft Hypnotic Rest You Sleeping Giant - Absent Minded (CC BY 4.0) BADLUCK - Vanity (Instrumental) (CC BY 4.0) Other key info: Ending The Americana Music Show Calvin Relaunches The Americana Music Show Macedonia on Mixcloud BSOTS on Bondfire Radio
May 17 2021
52 mins
BSOTS 174 - Tranquil Beats: Fridays In August, 2016
All comments, questions, and general feedback can be sent to radiobsots@gmail.com.  Record a voice message and send it my way or leave one at the Speakpipe page! I suppose it was a foolhardy notion that I would have this done by Election Day. Real talk: as long as this lands in the podosphere before November's over, I'll chalk that up as a win. As the last installment of the Tranquil Beats series, I think this one is far and away the best of the five. The blend session for this playlist of songs was recorded on Halloween and it feels really inspired. This one will probably speak to the beat junkies and sample hunters more than the others. From the live take on a Nas instrumental by Will Sessions to Just Plain Ant messing around with Donald Byrd to CASTLE's psychedelic head nods infused with the work of The Rotary Connection, there are a number of beautiful moments here. Jesse Futerman's "I Love You So" represents those moments with instrumentals like these where one can't tell where the sampling ends and live instrumentation begins. The sonic sweetness of Machinedrum's "Center Your Love" remains a high point (one of my favorite cuts from his Vapor City album), as well as the swirling emotional rush of Elephant And Castle's "I Will." DF Tram's "Body Fizz" makes for a wonderful closer with its playful lyrical refrain and Alice In Wonderland soundbites. If you're new to the Tranquil Beats series of episodes, I certainly hope that you will take the time to listen to them all. I have linked to the previous shows below. Radio BSOTS show #162 - Tranquil Beats: Mondays In August, 2016 Radio BSOTS show #166 - Tranquil Beats: Tuesdays In August, 2016 Radio BSOTS show #170 - Tranquil Beats: Wednesdays In August, 2016 Radio BSOTS show #172 - Tranquil Beats: Thursdays in August, 2016 This episode's tracklist: 1. KRTS - Light Of The Harvest 2. Julien Dyne - Fog 3. CASTLE - Memory Bank 4. Night Owl Committee - Manual Retro (CC BY 3.0) 5. Sir Froderick - Someolbull$hit ft. Josh Hey 6. Will Sessions - Memory Lane 7. Chief & Deheb - Elements 8. Jesse Futerman - I Love You So 9. DJ Harrison - One Way Downtown (CC BY 4.0) 10. Just Plain Ant - Too Thymez (CC BY 3.0) 11. Jef Gilson & Malagasy - 1973 12. Long Arm - Double Bass In Love 13. Beat Inc. - Black Tea Morning (Squeaky Lobster Re-Funk) 14. Machinedrum - Center Your Love 15. Elephant And Castle - I Will 16. DF Tram - Body Fizz Other key info: Macedonia on Mixcloud BSOTS on Bondfire Radio The Sarah Awards | PodTales 2020 Accession Podcast Episode #23: Take Me To The Water
Nov 30 2020
1 hr 3 mins
BSOTS 173 - BUCKWILD: how i spent my summer staycation...
All comments, questions, and general feedback can be sent to radiobsots@gmail.com.  Record a voice message and send it my way or leave one at the Speakpipe page! This episode's tracklist: 1. Big La Vs. Todd - The Broken Construct (Intro) 2. G&D (Georgia Anne Muldrow & Declaime) - Slave Revolt Soundtrack 3. Amerigo Gazaway - Indivisible (CC BY 3.0) 4. Sir Tumes - Kill The Messenger 5. Mikal Amin - COVID-16 6. Phresoul - Trump-Pence 7. KRTS - If This Was Your Child 8. C-Doc - Ain't Gettin Enough / March On, Amerika / Hard To Here (CC BY 4.0) 9. skewbs - catch me when i fall 10. Zengineers - The Veil (Time Pipelines Pt. I) 11. Rah Digga - Angela Davis (Produced by J-Pilot) (CC BY 4.0) 12. Tha Silent Partner - Thanks A Lot (CC BY 4.0) The Summer of 2020 (which I have been referring to as The Summer That Wasn't) definitely put me through some changes. Being reminded of just how little Black life matters while dealing with the global health pandemic took a mental and emotional toll on me that I couldn't ignore. This episode represents my way of dealing with it while holding onto the joy that this world (and particularly this nation) tries to steal away and claim for itself. This one feels like a return to form. Since it's clear that the RIAA have become the music podcast feds in 2020, my renewed interest in Creative Commons-licensed music couldn't have come at a better time. Along with a few CC cuts in hand, I'm also going to bat for the work of good friends of mine. There's an energy in this episode that reminds me of the excitement that I had about podcasting back when I first started. Considering how upside down everything in the world feels to me right now, there's something reassuring about that. Other key info: Macedonia on Mixcloud BSOTS on Bondfire Radio Radio BSOTS show #150 - A Blackout Friday Blends Session Radio BSOTS show #169 - two weeks off from humanity... Heat Rocks EP142: Jason Randall Smith on The Art of Noise’s “In Visible Silence” (1986) Heat Rocks Third Year Anniversary Special
Oct 27 2020
54 mins
BSOTS 172 - Tranquil Beats: Thursdays In August, 2016
All comments, questions, and general feedback can be sent to radiobsots@gmail.com.  Record a voice message and send it my way or leave one at the Speakpipe page! This episode's tracklist: 1. Lee Rosevere - What Did I Miss (CC BY 3.0) 2. Ziga Murko - Marjana Flip 3. Lavender Worm - Hot Barbeque 4. Blocktreat - Hipbones 5. Aeon - GoodbyeLove 6. Ohbliv - Send It On Down 7. Eddie - 晚10点 (10pm) 8. Floyd The Locsmif - Flowtation Device 9. Presto - Smooth Flow 10. The Greg Foat Group - The Dancers Waltz 11. UKU - Forest 5am (Yoggyone Remix) 12. Affelaye - Whir 13. Leaks - Give 14. Jon Hopkins - Form By Firelight 15. Funki Porcini - Long Road 16. Tha Silent Partner - Dance Of The Black Geisha (CC BY 4.0) 17. The Jet Age Of Tomorrow - Orange Juice Simpson 18. Heathered Pearls - Beach Shelter 19. Lovespirals - Why Not Today? Returning to the podcast feed after being away for months at a time (sometimes over a year) is something that I've done several times within the last few years, but this time feels somewhat different. Perhaps it's the delicate nature of life in general as a global health pandemic and increasing social and racial unrest threaten to take us all hostage while election season ramps up in the States, but the need to be creative during this uncertain and unstable time has been lighting a fire under me. It made sense to return with a set of instrumental tunes on the chill side of things, although one could argue that a number of these songs aren't necessarily as "tranquil" as the episode's title would lead one to believe. I freely admit that there's some nervous energy to some of these selections, but it mirrors the unease of society right now. The glitches and twitches that can be heard in the Yoggyone Remix of UKU's "Forest 5am" remind me of moving with caution through a world where COVID-19 constantly reminds us why it's imperative to do so. The bleeps and squelches of Lavender Worm's "Hot Barbeque" remind me of the need to have fun and be silly, to carve out a space where moments like that can exist in the midst of so much confusion and frustration. Then there are songs that just SLAP, like Presto's "Smooth Flow." It's a song that I first came across over a decade ago on IODAPromonet (a podsafe music source that went extinct back in 2013) and still makes me bob my head to the point of where it may permanently separate from my neck. Vocal samples weave their way in and out of these songs, but I let Lovespirals have the last word with their new single "Why Not Today?" Considering how volatile the world is right now, even the noisiest moments of this mix are tranquil in comparison. Hopefully, these selections will allow listeners to take a much-needed breather, even if only for an hour. Other key info: Macedonia on Mixcloud BSOTS on Bondfire Radio Macedonia's guest mix for the SOUNDWAVE mix series Joseph Aleo on Mixcloud
Sep 6 2020
1 hr 5 mins
BSOTS 171 - BUCKWILD: The Faith-Based Practice of Podcasting
Feedback: who doesn't want that? Please feel free to get in touch via email, Twitter, or leave a voice message on the Speakpipe page. This is a delayed transmission, recorded in December of 2019 with finishing touches and edits done the following month. It's rather odd how I keep returning to this knowing the inevitable delays that will prevent the next episode from surfacing online sooner than I would like. The recording and editing of a show: those are the places I want to live all the time. Things like show notes and updating RSS feeds, however...that's another story. And then there's the "hey! look over here" aspect of it all, the marketing campaign that has to take place after you've created a thing, be it through social media blasts or other means. It's a strange game of faith that content creators play. In a day and an age where it seems like everyone wants to get in on podcasting, I find it rather presumptuous to think that someone would want to listen to mine (even though I know for a fact that some people have for years now). Maybe I've been doing this for too long, but this is the thing that I turn to when the world (and particularly the work days) get to be too much. I don't do this for monetization's sake. I don't do this for sponsors. I still do this for the reasons that I did it back in 2005: as a creative outlet and for my own sanity. The need for a primal scream in my podcast feed every now and then was the whole reason why the "buckwild" episodes began in the first place. I was overdue for another one of these and considering that the world feels like it's on fire, perhaps these types of episodes ought to be released more frequently. However you might have stumbled upon this, thank you for taking the time to listen. It's 2020, y'all. Here goes nothin'. This episode's track list: 1. Cheese - The Return (CC license) 2. Jonny Sonic - Blue #3 3. Flying Lotus - Yellow Belly (feat. Tierra Whack) 4. Little Simz - Boss 5. Tenesha The Wordsmith - Dangerous Women 6. Tha Silent Partner - Covfefe's Groove (CC license) 7. Rodney P - The Next Chapter 8. Gawd Status - Messiah Hybrids 9. DJ Shadow - C​.​O​.​N​.​F​.​O​.​R​.​M. feat. Gift Of Gab, Lateef The Truth Speaker, Infamous Taz 10. Brother Ali - Red Light Zone 11. Vula Viel - Fire 12. Mikal Amin - We Keep It Movin' BSOTS BONUS TRACK: Samurai Guru - Everyone Go Through It ID drops courtesy of Kahlee, Mr. Ivory Snow, DarrenKeith, and EJ Flavors. Background music includes the following: Anti-Pop Consortium - The Hands Behind The Piano Of Time Is God MUTE - Eeekin Days (CC license) BADLUCK - Vanity (instrumental) (CC license) Other key info: Opinions While Black
Feb 3 2020
57 mins
BSOTS 170 - Tranquil Beats: Wednesdays In August, 2016
Feedback: I hear it's nice to receive it.  Please feel free to get in touch via email at radiobsots@gmail.com, Twitter, or leave a voice message on the Speakpipe page. After Episode #169 hit the Web in June of 2018, everything went quiet for the BSOTS podcast feed, but it's not like I planned it that way. Consistency existed in the radio broadcast form of this show, with a new episode airing on Bondfire Radio every other Friday. Meanwhile, the podcast feed has been no stranger to pregnant pauses between episodes over the past few years. I used to refer to it as "podghosting" - just disappearing from the scene for months at a time only to pop up in someone's podcatcher of choice unannounced like everything was normal. A lot has happened since I first started this show in August of 2005. Even though I was releasing two episodes a month in the early days, I never wanted to record an episode just to record one. It was important for me to know that I had something to say, that there was a purpose behind whatever episode that I was releasing next. As the years progressed and the length of time between episodes grew from weeks to months, that belief of not speaking until I have something to say became more entrenched in my being. I haven't changed my opinion where the podcast is concerned, but it's more than that. I had a really good talk with my best friend while I was typing this and we discovered that we were experiencing the same creative crisis. We had become isolated and separated from those that inspired us, those that helped spark our creative energy. Between that isolation and the weekly routine of squandering energy at our respective day jobs (never getting back the same amount that we put in), it's no wonder why we found ourselves in a place of creative apathy. And then there's the question of "who's going to actually care about this?" I haven't said it out loud, but in a world of hundreds of thousands of podcasts, that thought has certainly kept me from releasing a new episode until now. So this is me getting back to home base and back to basics. This is me fighting off creative apathy and self-doubt. This is me reminding myself that I am so much more than a customer service rep during the day. This is me reminding myself not to neglect what I had before I had a radio show. This is me remembering that the podcast was the place where I could get personal. This is me slowly reintroducing myself to what it was that I loved about podcasting in the first place. They say that you can't go home again, but I need to give this a shot, to reclaim the space that I had carved out for myself back when it was a lot harder to do so, back when I didn't have high-speed internet or a computer capable of having iTunes installed and I still made it work because I wanted to be a part of this THAT much. I figured that I would ease myself back into the podosphere with a mix of chilled out instrumental music for chaotic times such as these. Should you feel the need to take a breather, this one's for you. Thank you for listening. This episode's track list: 1. Beautiful Eulogy - A Bridge Between 2. Kratos Himself - Emerald City 3. Oddisee - The Carter Barron 4. Onra - Lying Besides You 5. J57 - Bravery 6. Damu The Fudgemunk - Colorful Storms (Official Mix) 7. Jonny Faith - Slumber 8. Willy Sunshine - Back 9. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Pad Kontrol 10. Tall Black Guy - From Home, To Work, And Back... 11. Letherette - Blad 12. SpyMusic - The Start Of Something Big 13. Weedy of 40 Winks - For Us 14. Romare - Nina's Charm 15. Dr. Who Dat? - Braziliant Thought 16. Brian Auger - Fire In The Mind 17. Lovespirals - Breath Of Life 18. Late Era - Verde ID drops courtesy of Kahlee, Mr. Ivory Snow, DarrenKeith, and EJ Flavors. Background music includes the following: Peter Bark - sega genesis BADLUCK - Vanity (instrumental)
Oct 29 2019
1 hr 2 mins
Radio BSOTS show #169 - two weeks off from humanity...
"Every day breathing in the United States is an away game for the Black man." -Rich Medina, DJ/Producer/Poet, Beat Society Podcast, Episode No. 8 The title of this episode first came to mind back in July of 2016, shortly after the police killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. Since then, it was put on the back burner and I knew I wanted to use it eventually. After hearing that Brother Sterling's killers weren't being charged and then the police shooting of Stephon Clark in Sacramento, CA, as well as far too many incidences of 911 calls on my people for simply existing, it just made sense to put together a show during this moment in time...where Starbucks locations nationwide have to close for a day so that their employees can learn how to simply treat all people like human freaking beings. I recorded the music mixes for the show back on April 4th, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The first part deals heavily with police brutality. By extension, it also goes into what happens when Black people internalize the hatred that this nation has for us. Sometimes that hatred is thrust upon each other in both subtle and overt ways. The second part of the mix was inspired by the movie Black Panther, thinking about Africa, and wanting to make my own Wakandan soundtrack. Keep in mind that I recorded the opening voice over about a month before the NFL ruling on protests protests while the National Anthem is being played. Seems like the longer I waited to release this episode, the more relevant it became. Seeing as how I prefer to not have to make episodes like these at all, I really wish that weren't the case. Should there be someone in your life working through the confusion, rage, sadness, and (let's just call it what it is) PTSD that comes with being Black in America, please share this episode with them.   this episode's track list: 1. Courtney Pine - A Word To The Wise 2. MUTE - Brothers (Version 4) 3. KRTS - Serve And Protect feat. Mad Flows 4. Mos Emvy - Hands Held High 5. Noname - Casket Pretty 6. jitwam. - youkilledmyson [feat. loretta smith] 7. C-Doc - Drugs By Roman Candlelight 8. Propaganda - Darkie (feat. Micah Bournes & Jackie Hill Perry)  9. Brother Ali - Dear Black Son 10. Jamila Woods - Blk Girl Soldier 11. ClassicBeatz - For Sandra 12. Dr. Who Dat? - Deep Blaque 13. Clap! Clap! - Kabwe Beats (Paranam Mix) 14. Rocket Juice & The Moon - Dam(n) 15. Claude Delcloo/Arthur Jones - Africanasia, Pt. 1 (Excerpt) 16. Orono - Live At Nyawara 17. DJ Khalab - Zaire (Will LV Remix) 18. Dexter Story - Xamar 19. Kaidi Tatham - We All Breathe The Same Air 20. Rambler 1976 - Angela Davis {Free Music Archive}
Jun 5 2018
1 hr 10 mins
BSOTS 168 - BUCKWILD: No Place For The Quiet
FEEDBACK IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED! email - radiobsots@gmail.com http://twitter.com/bsots Leave a voice message on the Speakpipe page - https://www.speakpipe.com/bsots For the first time in Radio BSOTS history, a new year begins in BUCKWILD fashion. Honestly, I'm kinda surprised that this hasn't happened before. And seeing as how my 2018 has already proven to be challenging, it seems just as well that this show would premiere now rather than closing out 2017. Everything happens for a reason. This show may take more personal turns this year. While that remains to be seen, I can remember just getting into podcasting back in 2005, holding the belief that the podcast should be the audio extension of the blog. I thought it should straddle the fence between the professional and the personal. Lately I've been feeling the need to tell stories through music, to find the narrative that weaves together all these songs that I've been coming across. I also know that I need to speak from the heart more when I have something to say. I pick my words carefully (not enough people do), but I ought to share them when it comes time to say something. I don't know what this year will bring for Radio BSOTS. And neither do you. That makes us even. Let's find out together. This episode's track list: 1. Tricky - Same As It Ever Was 2. Mr. Lif & Akrobatik (The Perceptionists) - Grab Hold 3. The Hot 8 Brass Band - Can’t Nobody Get Down (Kabuki Remix) 4. Vandemons - Can you go the distance Ft. NFA Jones 5. Sho Baraka - Kanye, 2009 feat. Jackie Hill-Perry and Jamie Portee 6. Pugs Atomz - On The One feat. Dirty Dunnz 7. Born Ina Barn - No Good 8. LORD RAJA - Zoro 9. beatbox bandit - Les Jus Be Real 10. beatbox bandit - You & I [Illusions] 11. A Tribe Called Red - The People's Champ ft. Hellnback 12. Jitwam - Alone 13. Washed Out - Get Lost (Radio Edit) 14. Jonny Sonic - GenNext 15. Propaganda - Crooked Way 16. Lecture On Nothing - I Will Rise (Traditional) 17. The Cornel West Theory - Whut U B is Whut U Get
Jan 25 2018
1 hr 11 mins
BSOTS 167 - Another Dive Into The Free Music Archive
It's been way too long since I've done a show like this, but the activity on the Internet surrounding net neutrality back in July (which has ramped up as of late with all the talks of repeals by the FCC) inspired me to reexamine the world of Creative Commons-licensed tunes again. Not only that, but the 3rd Annual Netlabel Day happened in July as well, releasing a ton of free and legal music for the people. I started mixing tunes together from the Free Music Archive during Labor Day Weekend and it's still fun discovering songs through that resource because there's no telling what you might find there. The show opens and closes with words from Michael Weinberg (formerly with Public Knowledge, now with Shapeways) speaking on net neutrality. (His interview segments are part of a sample pack posted on the FMA for artists to remix and make their own work with.) In between, you'll find selections crossing various genres, from hip-hop and house to gospel and experimental works. All of the songs heard within this episode are available for free download to share and enjoy. I hope that this episode can serve as a gateway for someone listening to do their own digging through the FMA for more CC-licensed gems. This episode's track list: 1. Donnie Ozone - How to Make a Smoothie (Recipe) 2. C-Doc - TheEnsuranceTrap featuring Tab (PMRC Mix) 3. The Honorable Sleaze - Broad Street Boogie 4. Lushlife - Gymnopedie (Live at WFMU, April 13, 2012) 5. Nangdo - Just Begun 6. Anitek - Glenn 7. Jazzafari - Unit 8. The Funk Underground - Emcee Parties 9. TV Girl - If You Want It 10. The Impossebulls - Pope 11. PERSONA LA AVE - LOVE FAITH 12. Fanas - Sunshine 13. DJ Harrison - One Way Downtown 14. Nine Inch Nails - 7 Ghosts I 15. M-PeX & Makrox - Hezper 16. Silver Apples - Lovefingers (Live at Monty Hall, 11/5/2016) 17. Leggysalad - Eve Of The Festival 18. Mike B. Fort - Morning Shopping 19. The Polish Ambassador - Center For Kids Who Can't Dance Good 20. Tha Silent Partner - 1nightstand (Kwik Nutt Edit) 21. Ant The Symbol - 002 22. The Relatives - Evil World (Live At The Bell House, 2013) 23. Night Owl Committee - Manual Retro 24. Studio Noir - The Thirteenth Hour on Heliopolis
Nov 23 2017
1 hr 21 mins
Radio BSOTS show #166 - Tranquil Beats: Tuesdays In August, 2016Radio BSOTS show #165 - BUCKWILD: Recovery Mode
This show was recorded in stages between the months of March and April 2017. I think the last time BSOTS got "buckwild" was in December of 2015, so this podcast has been long overdue for another primal scream. A lot has happened since then, both in my life and the world at large. There's plenty of music contained within this episode that speaks at length on the problems of the world today. At the same time, there's music for the body to provide some balance. As I always say with every "buckwild" episode, music for the party people, music for those that stay politickin', and music for the rest of us who find ourselves somewhere in between. Hope you enjoy it. This episode's track list: 1. Sega Bodega - Land Of Ooo 2. The Dread - Staring At The Sun 3. Submerse - Trip 4. DJ Rashad, MoonDoctoR & FreshtillDef - Wah Wah 5. Hotheads - Boss Level 6. Mako & The Hawk feat. Chima Anya - The Devil Made Me Do It 7. True Ingredients - Selfie Skank (Radio Edit) 8. Open Mike Eagle & Paul White - I Went Outside Today (feat. Aesop Rock) 9. Serengeti & Polyphonic - My Patriotism (Why? Remix) 10. Prince Ali - The Majors feat. Casual, Planet Asia & Keith Murray 11. Run The Jewels - 2100 (feat. BOOTS) 12. Oddisee - Like Really 13. Lecture On Nothing - Forward To Victory 14. Mister Wise - The Asylum 15. Jonny Sonic - Republican't 16. J-Live - Eleven Nine 17. Kazi - Demons (feat. Bobby Earth & Nicholas Ryan Gant) BSOTS BONUS TRACKS: 17. Negativland - The Greatest Taste Around 18. Pechiney Par[k] Heavy Industries - No Phunk Last Night home base / twitter / facebook / instagram / mixcloud / bondfire radio
May 6 2017
1 hr 22 mins
Radio BSOTS show #164 - Cupid's Hunt 2017: grass ain't greener...
This podcast episode is a twofold celebration. First off, this show marks the beginning of the 2017 podcast year for Radio BSOTS. Not only that, but this show is also being released as part of the 10th Anniversary Cupid's Hunt Podcast Collaboration. Since 2008, music lovers, DJs, and podcasters have been gathering together and releasing music mixes in honor of Valentine's Day. The celebration at Cupid's Hunt is a month-long thing, seeing as how this project has hit the 10 year mark. My Cupid's Hunt offering for this year began by asking a simple question: what would it sound like to try to tell the plot of the movie Blue Valentine through music? In no way am I suggesting that I have accomplished this, but the idea of pulling that off was a driving force behind this episode. Pink Floyd's "Don't Leave Me Now" from The Wall soundtrack also served as a major influence for this mix. Both of those pieces of information go a long way to suggest that this is not the typical Valentine's Day mix, but I've been moving further away from the traditional collection of love songs since 2013. I didn't know it then, but I had started to create a trilogy. It only dawned on me that I was making a trilogy once I started to map out the song sequence of this mix. The offerings from past Cupid's Hunt mixes in 2013 and 2015 seem to share a common thread with this one. Four years ago, I became far more interested in the gray areas of love, all the emotions that can often be confused for it or offered up as a substitute when there's no love to give. This mix is no different. I wanted to explore what goes on behind the social media veneer of smiling faces and vacation shots. There's hurt behind the lives that we create online for the public to see and as far as I'm concerned, the real emotions underneath make for a far more interesting story to tell within the mix. I certainly hope that you enjoy this mix and will find the time to listen to the previous parts of the trilogy, if you haven't already. This episode's track list: 1. Rev. Johnny L. Jones - I Don't Need A Doctor (Sermon Excerpt) 2. Prefuse 73 - Girlfriend Boyfriend 3. Duke Hugh - Butterflies 4. Mo Kolours - How I (Rhythm Love Affair) 5. Serengeti - Guess What Mom 6. ELWD - whenitfeltreal//sometimesclear 7. NxWorries - Best One 8. Tha Silent Partner - Mandingo Ocean 9. Odyssey Group - Midnight And You 10. Cohoba - Holla At Me 11. Submerse - Thinking About You 12. Core Rhythm and Zajazza - Lady (feat. Tah Phrum Duh Bush and Grand-Phee) 13. J Dilla - The Creep (The O) 14. Nangdo - Cry 15. Harleighblu - Mmm feat. Dr. Zygote 16. Prince Paul feat. MC Paul Barman - The Night My Girlfriend Left Me 17. Foreknown - Cathartes Aura (Vulture) 18. Blaktroniks - Blow You feat. Exes4Eyes 19. Kid Creole And The Coconuts - Somebody's Got To Lose 20. Myka Nyne - Me And My Girl 21. Werkha - Falling Through The Wall (Tom Blip Remix) 22. Comfort Fit - Guess There's Nothing More To Say 23. Marquice Turner - Sometimes Things Don't Go As Planned 24. Gizmo - Red Balloon 25. Phonte & Eric Roberson - Hold Tight
Feb 20 2017
1 hr 22 mins
BSOTS 163 - BBE Label Profile (December 3, 2016)
This episode was originally broadcast on Bondfire Radio August 19, 2016. It is dedicated entirely to the music of the Barely Breaking Even (BBE) Records label, which has been celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. The playlist below represents a mere toe dip in the pool of their massive catalog, but it speaks to the diversity of this great label. Hope you enjoy the show. This episode's track list: Katalyst - Dreaming Of You Mathias Stubø - I Never Knew Jim Dunloop - The Only Thing feat. Devon Parker & S. Squair Blaq Pete Rock - Something Funky Phantogram - As Far As I Can See Kid Sublime - Music ft. Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow Lady Daisey - My Story Tha 4rce - Damned If I Do feat. Russell Nash Space Invadas - Done It Again (Remix by Katalyst) J Dilla - So Far To Go feat. D'Angelo and Common (7" Edit) The Ambassadors - Ain't Got The Love (Of One Girl On My Mind) will.i.am - Possessions Jay Dee - Rico Suave Bossa Nova Marley Marl - Hummin' feat. Roy Ayers and Edwin Birdsong Slakah The Beatchild - Enjoy Ya Self V2 King Britt - Cobbs Creek (Great Skate Mix) feat. Pos and Trugoy Foxy - Tena's Song Deep Tenor City - Fireheart Joy Jones - Over (Osunlade Remix) DJ Duke & Roland Clark - D2-D2 (Blaise Fade) Aaron Jerome - Late Night Mission (feat. Yungun) Kalyanji Anandji - Back Ground Music Universal Robot Band - Barely Breaking Even Radio BSOTS broadcasts live on alternating Fridays 8:30-10:00 p.m. EST on Bondfire Radio. http://bondfireradio.com BSOTS ON BONDFIRE broadcast archives can be found at the following link: https://www.spreaker.com/show/both-sides-of-the-surface Twitter: http://twitter.com/bsots Mixcloud: http://mixcloud.com/macedonia   ("you might find yourself...in a foreign land...")
Dec 15 2016
1 hr 31 mins
Radio BSOTS show #162 - Tranquil Beats: Mondays In August, 2016
Early on in 2016, Bondfire Radio began a playlist series called Tranquil Beats. Focused on chilled out instrumental music, this playlist opens and closes the broadcast day Monday through Friday (9 a.m. and 12 midnight, EST). A new guest curator is invited to select music to feature every month. I took on the guest curator role for August of 2016. Normally, Bondfire asks for individual songs from the guest curator that are played in whatever order they see fit. From the website, listeners can see both the artist name and song titles as they play. This episode features my Tranquil Beats picks that were played on Mondays in August, but they are presented in more of a mix tape style rather than a playlist one. This is not the same order in which the songs were originally broadcast on Bondfire, either. I just felt like the podcast audience should have something a little different. This show is dedicated to all my USA heads who will be suffering from P.T.S.D. due to the 2016 presidential election campaign. We all need a moment to decompress and I certainly hope that the songs within this episode can help with that effort. This episode's track listing: 1. Jon Phonics - "Candy Coupe" (2014) 2. Darondo - "I Don't Want To Leave feat. Tall Black Guy (Sure Know How To Love Me Re-Edit)" (2013) 3. Keyboard Kid - "Life's Real World 2 Gil" (2012) 4. BADBADNOTGOOD - "Speaking Gently" (2016) 5. ELWD - "citystreetflower" (2016) 6. The Stuyvesants - "Sunrise In The Stuy" (2010) 7. Submerse - "Fumes" (2014) 8. Dabrye - "Piano" (2006) 9. Karriem Riggins - "12's in 8" (2008) 10. Darkhouse Family - "Disco Duck" (2016) 11. Denaun Porter - "jUsT 4 dA hAwAiI eVeNiNg" (2013) 12. fLako - "Humming" (2011) 13. Def Dee - "Rain" (2011) 14. Alain Goraguer - "Le Bracelet" (2014) 15. Ultramarine - "Nova Scotia" (1991) 16. Sepalcure - "See Me Feel Me" (2004) 17. Mount Bank - "We Could Be Real" (2016) 18. Big La vs. Todd - "Death Wish" (2016) 19. Nangdo - "1st 2 Know" (2010) 20. Tha Silent Partner - "Love really?" (2016) http://bondfireradio.com/radio-bsots http://mixcloud.com/macedonia More information available at http://bsots.com.
Nov 8 2016
1 hr 4 mins
BSOTS 161 - Both Sides on Bondfire (pt. 2)
Feedback? I love it. Voice mail messages can be left at https://www.speakpipe.com/bsots.  Email can be sent to radiobsots@gmail.com. As a person who never wants the summer to end, I can't say that September is one of my favorite months. It's the usual routine: back to work, back to school, back to life, back to reality. And for me, it's back to BSOTS on the podcast end of things. The broadcast side of my life has been thriving thanks to Bondfire Radio and there's no reason why I can't dive into those archives to create shows for the podcast feed. Not everyone gets to hear the live broadcasts, so I should make more of a concerted effort to bring some of that back to home base. Continuing with the playlist approach from the previous episode, all of the songs in this show (except for "Mothership Riddim") were pulled from 2015 broadcasts along with a few talkover moments. The selections within this show include everything from hip-hop and drum and bass to gospel house and even some Afrobeat from Eastern Europe. While it's not brand new music, I do believe that quite a few of these joints have a timeless quality to them and will still sound good a decade from now. Beyond that, at least one song in this episode will be new to someone out there. Perhaps your next favorite artist is hiding out within this playlist. Here's hoping that you enjoy the show and will share it with someone else who loves music. :-] This episode's track list: 1. Blakesmith - "Live & Create" (2015) 2. Steve Spacek - "Dollar" (2005) 3. A Tribe Called Quest - "Lyrics To Go (Jesse Fischer Remix)" (2015) 4. Roots Manuva - "Facety 2:11" (2015) 5. Heresy - "Da Call Out" (2015) 6. Mikal Amin (Hired Gun) - "Get Away" (2015) 7. Saun & Starr - "Look Closer (Can't You See The Signs?)" (2015) 8. Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz - "Illegal Move" (2015) 9. The Whole Truth - "Memories Of Love" (2015) 10. J-Felix - "Keep On (We Ain't Here For Long)" (2015) 11. Essa - "LeLeLe ft. Kashmere of Strange U (produced by Flako)" (2015) 12. Bastien Keb - "Down River" (2015) 13. Alicia Myers - "Right Here Right Now (Hallelujah Anyway)" (2015) 14. J Dilla - "Walkinonit" (2006) 15. Exist - "Lookin' At Blue" (2011) 16. Submerse - "whyarntyou" (2015) 17. Om Unit & Fracture - "Chatting Breeze" (2015) 18. Om Unit - "Mothership Riddim (feat. Mark Force)" (2016) 19. The Polyversal Souls - "Goin' In (feat. Afrika Baby Bam)" (2015) 20. Ahmed Sirour - "The Mourning After" (2014)
Sep 11 2016
1 hr 17 mins
Radio BSOTS show #160 - Both Sides On Bondfire (pt. 1)
I could list a dozen reasons as to why I haven't done this earlier, but none of them would be good ones.  For any one who ever wondered what on earth has been keeping me from creating new podcast episodes, the live broadcasts for Bondfire Radio every other Friday certainly have something to do with it.  With that being the case, I figured that I really ought to bring the BSOTS on Bondfire broadcast experience to the podcast feed. Big shout out to Classick Material of the Cold Slither Podcast Network, whose encouragement served as inspiration for me to finally get this show done.  With that being said, it's clear that consistency lies on the broadcast side of things, so for more Bondfire archives and to subscribe to the broadcast feed, just go here to make that happen. This episode's track list: 1.  The Hot 8 Brass Band - "Homies (Radio Edit)" (2012) 2.  DJ EFN - "Paradise (feat. Talib Kweli, Wrekonize & Redman)" (2015) 3.  DJ Vadim And Sena - "Work Hard" (2015) 4.  Markis Precise - "Back To Life (feat. Eligh)" (2015) 5.  Blitz The Ambassador - "JuJu Girl" (2015) 6.  Core Rhythm And Zajazza - "Grown Folk Biz (feat. Homeboy Sandman And Eagle Nebula)" (2015) 7.  Romare - "Nina's Dream" (2015) 8.  Semi Hendrix - "Jesus Pressed Mute" (2015) 9.  Sebastian Paul - "Birth" (2015) 10.  Public Enemy - "Corplantationopoly" (2015) 11.  Benjamin - "Those Memories (Sneak Up On Me)" (2015) 12.  NxWorries - "Link Up" (2015) 13.  The Greg Foat Group - "The Hunt" (2015) 14.  Mbongwana Star - "Malukayi (feat. Konono No. 1)" (2015) You can get in touch via email, Twitter, or leave a voice message on the Speakpipe page.  More information can be found at the Radio BSOTS home page, which is probably the visual equivalent of cyberspace Section 8 housing, but it's home. Have a good day and a great week.
May 11 2016
1 hr 11 mins
Radio BSOTS show #159 - fifteen/sixteen
Please email feedback to radiobsots@gmail.com or reach out to me via Twitter.  Audience participation is strongly encouraged, so please leave a voice message via the Speakpipe page.Despite the fact that I'm typing this on the last day of January, I'm still saying "Happy New Year" to you all.  Feel free to hate on me if I'm still saying it come Easter Sunday, but as for right now, 2016 is still young.I always like to start off a new year of Radio BSOTS by looking back at the previous year of music and things are no different this time around.  There are quite a few releases that came out within the last four months of the year that I think were exceptional and shine some light on those that we should keep tabs on in 2016, particularly Mizan K and Sarah Williams White. If you've been listening to the show for a few years, you know of my love for Harleighblu.  Word has it that she'll be working on a full-length this year, which has me really excited.  Beyond that, the new album from Chi Turner was originally scheduled for a February 7th release, but dropped early on his Bandcamp page.  It's a really special one, certainly his best release to date.Other highlights in the show include Satele's drum and bass take on A Tribe Called Quest instrumentals, the feverish remix of Moresounds provided by Clap! Clap!, the self-love affirmed by Rat Habitat, the melodic perfection of Prefuse 73 and My Panda Shall Fly, and the cathartic energy of Young Fathers.  And let's not even get into how relevant a song "Don't Poison All The Water" by Mo Kolours is in light of the water crisis in Flint, MI.There's so much more that I could say about the music, but it's always best to let it speak for itself.  I invite you to listen and (hopefully) enjoy. This episode's track list: 1.  JGivens - "Ignorantro" (2015)2.  London Jazz IV - "Death Is Near" (2015)3.  The Gingerbread Express - "Missed Another Day" (2015)4.  Mo Kolours - "Don't Poison All The Water" (2015)5.  Werkha - "Falling Through The Wall" (2015)6.  Harleighblu - "Meant To Be feat. Azure" (2015)7.  Blacksmif - "Beautiful Things" (2015)8.  Prefuse 73 - "Infared (feat. Sam Dew)" (2015)9.  Sarah Williams White - "Hum Pt. 2" (2015)10.  Mizan K - "7 Billion" (2015)11.  My Panda Shall Fly - "Asylum feat. Katherine Joyce" (2015)12.  Young Fathers - "Rain Or Shine" (2015)13.  Ziga Murko - "Marjana Flip" (2015)14.  Georgia Anne Muldrow - "Sans Vacay" (2015)15.  Dam-Funk - "Floating On Air, feat. Flea & Computer Jay" (2015)16.  Rat Habitat - "Pat Yo Afro" (2015)17.  Moresounds - Simon Peacefull (Clap! Clap! Remix) (2015)18.  Satele - "Red Bourbon Street" (2015)19.  Blackalicious - "Imani (feat. Zap Mama)" (2015)20.  Chi Turner - "Hold You" (2016)
Feb 1 2016
1 hr 12 mins
BSOTS 158 - BUCKWILD: The Anger Management Mixtape
Normally, Radio BSOTS is all about the music, a platform where I get all geeked out about artists and songs and I invite you to geek out with me.  And then there's this little thing called BSOTS GONE (buck)WILD, an all-too-rare occurrence where the gloves come off and you learn about me alongside the music (for better or worse). This year's "buckwild" experience is all about anger.  Technically, many of these shows have dealt with anger in some way, shape, or form, but that's another story.  Two forces of nature pop up on this show in the form of soundbites:  Tastykeish of Bondfire Radio's TK In The AM and longtime activist / 2008 Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate Rosa Clemente.  For conceptual continuity's sake, I make mention of a previous podcast episode as well as a blog post from over two years ago.  Feel free to check those out if you're curious. Sonic catharsis begins here.  Lord knows I needed it and I'm sending this one out for all those in need of a primal scream. This episode's track list: 1.  Lea Lea - "Psycho Killer" (2014)2.  Semi Hendrix (Ras Kass & Jack Splash) - "M.A.S.H. (feat. Kurupt)" (2015)3.  Willie the Kid & Bronze Nazareth feat. Roc Marciano - "Avalon" (2014)4.  Public Enemy - "Praise The Loud" (2015)5.  Respect Tha God - "Dum Dum" (2015)6.  Pete Cannon Meets Ghost Writerz - "How We Living" (2015)7.  Romare - "Pusherman" (2014)8.  Moki McFly - "Ghostride The Whip" (2014)9.  Naked City - "Blood Is Thin" (1998)10.  iAreConscious - "If Only (Black Lives Mattered)" (2014)11.  King Magnetic - "Our War" (2015)12.  Gensu Dean - "It Happened Before" (2015)13.  yU - "Disturbed feat. B. Jamelle" (2011)14.  Blaktroniks - "It Can Get Ugly" (2012)15.  Jonny Sonic - "Rugout" (2014)16.  The Walkmen - "We've Been Had" (2001)BSOTS BONUS TRACK:  Blakesmith - "What Matters ft. Mmdelai" (2015) Theme music produced by Cy Tru featuring Jonny Sonic.  ID drops courtesy of Anji Bee, India of Astronauts of Antiquity, and Jonny Sonic. Background music selections include the following:"Pop Champagne (Instrumental)" by Jim Jones"germinal ring" by Cyclops Joint"Adolar Aluminum" by Comfort Fit"five minutes, five seconds" by Kid 606 vs. Max Tundra"Vanity (Instrumental)" by BADLUCK. Get in touch via Twitter or send email to radiobsots@gmail.com.  You can also leave a message on the Speakpipe page.
Dec 1 2015
1 hr 14 mins
BSOTS 157 - For Those Of Us Still Finding Our Way...Radio BSOTS show #156 - Don't Fight The Force...
This show is about a week past the date that I originally wanted it to be released online.  Time challenges and a sluggish computer made things more difficult than they needed to be, but it's here. A few corrections, if I may.  First off, "Soon Come Soon" by Young Fathers is a standalone single and is not a part of any of their albums.  Second, the news regarding Netlabel Day will sound dated at this point, as that event occurred on July 14, 2015.  Although that day has come and gone, we as music lovers get to reap the benefits long after the fact, so make sure to check out the list of releases to find out about all the FREE AND LEGAL music that dropped that day.In the meantime, Camp Lo-Fi continues to play catch-up with releases from this year and last year.  Hope you enjoy the show.  Thanks for listening. This episode's track list: 1.  Pete Rock - "Heaven & Earth" (2015)2.  Young Fathers - "Soon Come Soon" (2014) {iTunes}3.  Omar - "Stop War, Make Love (Scratch Professer ReTwist)'" (2015)4.  Sweatson Klank - "Listen To The Love" (2015)5.  Slakah The Beatchild - "Misscommunication ft. Spek Won & Ian Kamau" (2014)6.  Brookylyn83 - "Storm In A Teacup" (2014)7.  Mount Bank - "Summer Camp" (2015)8.  Thom Yorke - "Youwouldn'tlikemewhenI'mangry" (2014)9.  Monsoonsiren - "Sullen Fables " (2014)10.  Rory More - "Looking For Lazlo" (2014)11.  Core Rhythm & Zajazza - "But Beautiful" (2015)12.  François - "On & On" (2015) BONUS TRACK:  SwamiMillion x Fawda Trio - "Caffe" (2014) You can find out more about this podcast at bsots.com
Jul 19 2015
56 mins