46: DeFi and Digital Assets: What do the UCC Amendments Mean for Business Transactions?

More with McGlinchey

Sep 16 2022 • 14 mins

Big changes are coming to the UCC, the Uniform Commercial Code, with regard to cryptocurrency and other digital assets. What will that mean to business transactions involving those digital assets going forward?

In this episode of the More with McGlinchey podcast, attorneys Arthur Rotatori and Marshall Grodner discuss the proposed amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code, which include revisions to Article 9 and Article 12 and the definition of a Controllable Electronic Record, or CER, as well as the anticipated timeframe for adoption. This is the next installment in our DeFi Deep Dive Series. Check out episode 44: A Deep Dive into DeFi (Decentralized Finance) for an introduction and part one of the series.