Pastor Talk

First Presbyterian Church

The Pastor Talk Podcast is a weekly podcast where two Reformed Pastors, Clint Loveall & Michael Gewecke, explore scripture, Christian history, and theology as an inspiration and challenge for us all to understand our world, grow as people of faith, and disciples of Jesus Christ.
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Too Much Christmas? | SERIES TEASER
Genesis 21:1-7Getting to Christmas | Too Much Christmas?Genesis 20:1-18Genesis 19:30-38Genesis 19:12-29Genesis 19:1-11Too Much Christmas? | SERIES TEASERGenesis 18:16-33Genesis 18:1-15Genesis 17:15-27Genesis 17:1-14Concluding Questions | Mission MusingsGenesis 16:7-16Genesis 16:1-6Genesis 15Genesis 13-14Missional Past and Present W/ Darrell Guder | Mission MusingsGenesis 12:10-20Genesis 12:7-9Genesis 12:1-6