Getting Out of Old School Sales Tactics and Enrolling Clients Organically with Carol Trotter

Captivate & Close

Nov 15 2022 • 21 mins

Tune in this week to discover the thoughts and actions that allowed Carol Trotter to amplify her impact and finally attract and enroll her dream clients after enrolling in 10K Content Collective. She’s sharing how powerful it is when you finally shift from selling your program to selling the solution and how to align your sales process with your unique expertise to create a powerful enrollment experience for your potential clients.

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Do not miss this highlights:

03:48 Sales conversation over the phone can feel very frightening, but you are going to have much higher conversions.

04:08 Learn about your people is what you have to set out to do no matter what.

04:30 Our 10k Collective is one part of what we can teach you as far as effective selling goes.

04:39 We will teach you how to write organic content that attracts and enrolls.

04:46 We will help you package your expertise, your unique brilliance, into a high-end coaching program.

04:58 We have a plug-and-play system for you to use right now to get clients and make money. We also have a whole community waiting for you.

05:07 You’ll get coached several times a week. You’ll have a plethora of content resources to use right away to accelerate your learning curve.

05:22 You don't have to do this alone, and you should not be figuring it out on your own. You should be playing your way to wealth and earning now.

05:54 Now the interview with Carol Trotter. She is a menopause coach. Helping women regain their energy, lose weight, feel their confidence. to make menopause the best time of their life.

06:32 She had invested in other programs to learn different selling techniques. She was encouraged to do webinars and do Facebook ads.

06:42 But all she was bringing into her group was not her dream client.

07:10 All the while she was selling a program, and not selling their issues. She wasn't helping them anywhere.

08:22 It was actually her own journey, her own issues in menopause that she was dealing with that led her to decide she wanted to be a coach.

08:32 Because she was able to help herself, she knew that she had to help other women in menopause.

09:06 In coaching, it is through our own transformation or result that we experienced ourselves that we decide to be a coach.

09:29 Helping others should show them that there is a better way and it's a very natural progression.

10:10 But even if the sales page is up, doing a webinar, or thinking that you're doing great. But still, it doesn't convert.

10:35 Creating conversations up to the selling point, but in a “serving is selling process.”

10:38 Coming from the heart and not coming from a place where you need this money. You're coming because you want to help women.

11:10 Now there is giving in serving, and not just trying to take something.

11:39 Creating content that helps and serves people but also brings them to you.

12:24 Bringing in all the time that gratitude feeling during the call. It's just very spiritually driven with a higher connection conversation.

14:05 Not to overcomplicate everything for ourselves. People are just in pain and they want somebody to tell them how to get out of pain.

15:58 You need to move out into the DM, and have that real conversation with the client.

16:19 Being able to serve from that place of gratitude. Moving it over into that sales conversation and just saying, “I have...