3 Questions To Ask Yourself To Attract High-Caliber Clients

Captivate & Close

Jan 24 2023 • 15 mins

Knowing your ideal client isn’t necessarily going to increase your revenue, increase your profit or grow your business. In this episode, Kinsey shows you how to identify a higher caliber client that’s actually ready to invest in themselves and invest in your solution (and make a change).

Do not miss these highlights:

01:40 In your season of rest, recovery, and reflection, give yourself permission to be there.

01:54 Knowing when it is time to sprint or when to start to pick up the pace in your stride or your jog.

02:07 We just wrapped up Wealthy Coach Week 2023, and it was so good!

02:17 One of the things that we went deep into is identifying who are your wealthy clients.

02:24 Build a high-revenue, high-impact, profitable coaching business, without burning yourself out.

03:00 When it comes to your paid programs and services, make sure that you are targeting somebody that has the extra funds to invest in you and in themselves.

03:27 It's also about people that are ready and willing to do the work they need to do to get the result that you can help them get.

03:51 These are really important to consider when you are narrowing in on the premium version of your client and putting your time, your energy, and your resources into it.

04:11 There are three questions that I want you to ask yourself in order to really think about who your premium client is.

04:43 To help you accelerate your results by zoning in on where the opportunity is.

05:21 First question is how far along in their own journey my client needs to be in order for them to be a good fit for my offer.

05:53 What we want to do is really understand where our clients are, and where ideally we want them to be in their transformative journey with us.

07:07 I want you to ask yourself, where is my best brilliant utilized?

07:38 When you're marketing and selling your offer as a coach, you will serve differently.

08:32 Helping them to get to that next level, versus somebody that has just had the awareness.

09:17 Second question that you can ask yourself is, what are they already investing in order to solve the problem that you can help them solve?

10:01 There is a difference between somebody that says they want results, but they're not willing to put the work in. Versus somebody that says yes, they want results, and they're willing to invest time, willing to invest energy, and effort, in order to get results.

10:31 It's super exhausting to work with people blaming you as the coach for their lack of results.

10:44 It gives you clarity and it gives you lots of angles to draw from, in order to really think about that type of person as your perfect client.

10:56 You can leverage those things to show them why my solution is better, more, a better fit for them, etc.

11:30 It really helps you to think creatively out of the box. Show and demonstrate more value to your ideal clients, specifically, that higher caliber client.

11:53 Now number three, how are they demonstrating whether or not they have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset?

12:07 People that say they want something, but they're actually not willing to go after it.

12:22 What qualifies a client as somebody that has a growth mindset?

12:52 If you can think about the things that those people value that have a growth mindset.

13:28 If you can really zoned in on that variation of your client. What they're doing and the values they hold. Show them that you match a lot of those values.

13:56 Come to the space and say, “I'm going to help you get to a million without sacrificing the life