Eliminating The Drama of Increasing Your Prices

Captivate & Close

Mar 7 2023 • 13 mins

It’s normal to struggle with the fear of increasing your prices, which is often connected to the fear of losing out on potential clients or appearing greedy. However, it's important to understand that increasing your prices is a natural part of business growth, and it's essential to keep up with the evolution of the economy and maintain profitability. More importantly, your price should align with the value of your offer, your specific lifestyle desires, and your financial goals.

Tune in to learn how you can eliminate the price drama for good and become a match for high-caliber clients.

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Do not miss these highlights:

00:51 Preparing for our In-person Mastermind with our Female Founders Board and welcoming women all over the country for our Quarterly In-person experience.

01:13 It is the way we commit to growing and scaling as part of all our programs

01:22 It is the way we create the connections and where the collaborations are created.

02:07 Although the In-person experiences are definitely more expensive and going to require more work. But the greatest thing sometimes isn't the most convenient.

02:57 But this episode is going to be direct and encouraging, of course. It's all in relation to this idea of increasing your prices.

03:11 There is always going to be a slightly different type of guidance that we give one client over another. It's going to be dependent on where they're at in their business.

03:29 The biggest thing that comes down to in pricing is really building that confidence level.

03:50 There has to be an element of that certainty and competence, even if it scares you a little bit.

04:04 It is not about jacking up your prices and under delivering.

04:18 It is also not about undercharging and over delivery.

04:27 The investment is going to be way less than the actual value that it can produce. We should always want that kind of disproportion.

04:44 Ten times the ROI with no drama.

05:12 If you are at a place where you are not hitting your revenue goals, but you are over-delivering to your clients, you're going to burn out.

06:28 You want to find a price for your service that makes sense for you.

06:54 Looking from the energetic perspective, you're still responsible for the number of clients that come in, whether it's a group coaching program or a private coaching experience.

07:28 In order to actually make sense, it's so common to set a goal.

08:13 It's important to really consider what your goals are in accordance with what you want to be making that's going to provide a comfortable life.

08:37 You can't do that if you're pricing so low and also working so hard for this low-price offers, which is also repelling your best clients.

08:56 If you are operating at your highest zone of genius working with your best clients, there should be a price match between those two things.

09:12 If you are putting other people's budgets above yours, this is where we have a big misalignment.

09:43 And so it goes back to what's the biggest problem you can solve for and only talking to those people that want that and can eventually pay for that.

10:03 Marketing to your Top 1%, and Building your Perfect Business around your Perfect Client. We'll link these two podcast...