Three Ways To Create More Leverage In Your Business So You Can Grow Faster Without The Burnout

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Feb 14 2023 • 24 mins

Knowing when and what to leverage in your business can accelerate your growth but also protect your most sacred time with your family, with your spouse, with yourself. More importantly, learning how to create more constraints in your business will allow you to have a full and fun life without feeling overwhelmed or burnt out.

Tune in to discover where you can create more leverage in your business based on where you specifically are in your business journey.

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03:11 The idea of leverage, leverage, leverage!

03:18 Not to generalize, but women do way more than most with their husbands in the family.

03:48 But still every family dynamic is unique and different.

05:40 It forces women to do business differently, which is their most significant advantage.

06:00 Women have the ability to put constraints on doing business, which allows them to work less and make more.

06:20 How to work less in an increased output? How to work less and still get my clients better results?

08:14 There was a time when we all started from zero. Didn't know what to do. It was in that messy action that can give us the clarity to continue moving forward.

08:30 There are actually three leverage points we can use to add more leverage into our business that allows us to work less, and still make more money.

08:55 The first leverage is “delegation.”

10:24 The first entry point into entrepreneurship as a coach, right away Kinsey hired a part-time virtual assistant.

11:11 Whether you are just getting started or you're seasoned, there is an opportunity to create more leverage just through the delegation of your tasks.

11:32 Consider the times you're in your zone of genius versus your zone of excellence.

11:54 The zone of genius is the thing you love doing and also you're good at. It’s the highest zone that you want to be working in as much as possible.

12:21 What you need to understand is the energetic financial time ROI that you're getting as a result of that.

13:36 Second point of leverage is your “offers.”

14:05 If you got really good at any one offer, and developed your framework really quickly, this will be a thing that can make you move up pretty fast.

14:28 Take on private clients first, before you try to launch a group coaching program.

14:57 The best way to grow is to have a group program or service that actually gives results.

15:13 It can require you to be a little bit more solid in your framework.

15:31 There's a risk there if you move into group coaching, or a scalable offer sooner rather than later.

15:52 Through the one-time money offerings, Kinsey was able to help so many people make more money and make a bigger impact.

16:18 In our mastermind group experience, they're actually creating more results for themselves, because the full brilliance that's represented by the mastermind is just not by one person.

16:56 Every time a client comes into our Female Founders Board (FFB), we start to map out that scalable offer. It does look slightly different for every single person.

17:26 It is strongly recommended for you not do the design, the launch, and the growing of your scalable offer without guidance because there are so many nuances there.

18:20 The biggest piece of leverage that you can...