The 3 Pillars To Creating A 200K Coaching Practice

Captivate & Close

Feb 21 2023 • 25 mins

Growing to multiple six figures is simple.

If you’re stuck at 3-5K months and want to break through your revenue plateau to hit multiple six figures this year, this is the episode for you.

Achieving 200K+ means building a bulletproof business model that can stand the rest of time.

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Do not miss these highlights:

01:17 We just wrapped up our In-person Mastermind experience for our Female Founders Board and it was so amazing.

01:32 Two days together with these incredible women is definitely so high octane and so high in energy, and really mind-blowing.

01:54 Now, Kinsey wants to start to leverage her time more, together in person to create, produce, and complete.

02:20 Our Female Founders Board Mastermind is a hybrid of one-to-one coaching and group coaching as we're currently recording.

02:32 She wanted these women to walk away with the “streamlined client pathway” in this particular topic.

02:55 Now this isn't a set-it-and-forget-it automated session or automated campaign. That is not what Kinsey is going to teach here.

03:19 When we think about that high-touch experience, that isn't going to come from evergreen funnels or automated systems within the marketing.

03:41 In marketing and selling, we want things that are a mixture of that connectedness with humans.

04:01 Anytime you create, which as creators, we love to create. This is something that we have to really work on as we grow as well.

04:36 Let us start to narrow in on what are the few key things that you can do to get the most out of your time.

04:52 You don't want your business to own you or control your time, so this means doing less.

05:04 You have to really assess what is that actually going to cost you from a time and money perspective and look at that over the distance of time.

05:50 It is really important to learn here as we talk about the Three Pillars to grow into 200k coaching practice.

06:14 It's really important that if your goal is 100k, you need to not make that goal your goal.

09:00 If you have been around Kinsey or in this podcast for a while, it's just a reiteration of what is actually important to generate revenue, protect your clients' results, and also not work as much.

09:10 The first pillar might surprise you and it may sound cliche, but it is “simplicity.”

09:39 Coaches offer different tiers in their marketing all over the place. A really complex business model for such a small revenue coming in.

10:05 It all comes back to, what is your signature offer.

10:34 At the 200k mark, one maybe two offers, and it is not about giving people options.

10:54 If you give an option, then they have an open loop in their mind. It's really hard to build that immediate like and trust within that sales container.

11:46 This may be what you have been taught because there are a lot of people out there teaching these different models of ascension plans and all the different options of how to take people through.

12:43 But at that 200k mark, you really want to optimize the rhythm with that one signature offer.

13:55 It really doesn't matter whether it's group or private. It just matters that you build that certainty and confidence within your audience.

14:58 Think about that commitment and that decision level, this is the thing and I'm going all in. It's going to...