Leveraged Marketing

Captivate & Close

Dec 20 2022 • 24 mins

When you’ve got your offer dialed in and you’re feeling more rhythm in your marketing, the next step is for you to create more leverage with what’s already working.

In today’s podcast episode, I talk about a concept called Leverage Marketing. This will be the one coreelement to your growth to 200K+ (with less effort).

When you implement Leveraged Marketing well, you will be able to:

  • Consistently fill your cohorts with clients with one core client acquisition method.
  • Get known for your brilliance in a much more expansive way.
  • Build your pipeline full of high-quality leads so you’ll never run out of clients.
  • Create more control in your revenue (like flipping a “switch” and being able to predict your monthly revenue).

At this point in your business, as you reach 200K, 500K or even 1M, your biggest discipline will be built within the constraints of doing LESS (but better).

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Do not miss these highlights:

03:06 Let's talk about Leverage Marketing. This is a really fun concept that Kinsey has adopted.

03:07 She wanted to bring more of this in the industry because for her, this is ultimately the key to success when you're starting to grow your business.

03:45 In the 10k Content Collective, you'll be learning how to get clients by mastering the fundamentals of online business.

03:59 If you don't have those fundamentals, you can't pull a lever, or create leverage in anything.

04:12 People try to bypass a lot of the basics, and a lot of these key critical steps.

04:26 People are selling them the strategies and the super advanced things without really having the fundamentals in place in their business.

04:49 You just need to know how to master getting clients with your organic content, or your organic conversation, and that's the fastest path to clients now.

05:02 In the 10k Content Collective, part of the method that we teach you is leveraging the easiest points, in what you already have, to get clients.

05:21 You just have to grow your proficiency as a coach, and learn what your people need. And the only way you can do that is to coach clients and get paid coaching clients.

05:43 You do all those things, or you create all those things through the journey of coaching clients.

06:00 The basic business practice is, you just need to know how to market to somebody and sell them something they want, period.

06:18 In the 10k Content Collective, we teach you these fundamentals in the most basic way.

06:26 First clear the clutter of what you think you need in order to grow faster.

06:34 Second, get coached so that you work through the mindset piece, which is huge in our program.

06:38 Third, we teach you how to create content in a way that converts followers faster, without you needing to work harder, or add bells and whistles to your website.

07:02 In our 10k Content Collective community, they're getting clients right away just with these super small shifts.

07:15 Then you're starting to really see the potential. Your belief and your competence is getting bigger. You're starting to work with clients to get them results.

07:39 Having a proven and tested offer. Something that somebody wants, and also is proven to get results is another thing.

07:58 This isn't by putting them through a curriculum, or modules, or anything like that.

08:01 This is the first phase of business, where we highly recommend you work with people intimately, and get them the result they came for. It's the easiest thing to...