The Top 5 Online Marketing Trends All Coaches Must Know For 2023

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Dec 27 2022 • 33 mins

There are subtle, yet powerful shifts happening in the online marketing space that are impacting how people consume your content, how they come to trust you as an expert, and how they will decide to invest in your programs, products, and services.

If you understand what these shifts are and can effectively execute against them (or with them) you will automatically have the competitive edge.

Tune into this episode as Kinsey shares the top 5 trends in the industry and how it’s going to impact you as a coach.

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02:35 It's been such a beautiful year, and I (Kinsey), always do or usually do an episode where I'm just reflecting on lessons learned for the year.

02:58 The core concepts or the really big shifts that you'll be seeing in the coming year and how they apply to you.

03:23 It's really just setting the stage for the year. What do you want it to look like? What are your targets? What are you focusing on?

04:18 As I've been setting the industry trends and have been listening to a lot of the experts in this space, and have also for my own observations, what things have been changing.

05:03 I really want to offer the five trends to look out for in 2023, and how they apply to you from the perspective of my own lens, but also what I'm hearing and seeing at large.

05:32 Just doing what you need to do to create content that converts and serves clients, there really isn't much more to worry about.

06:03 Now, if you're growing to multiple six or even seven figures, this is where we really get to have a lot of fun with some testing and layering in your marketing, your messaging, and your selling efforts.

06:14 Last episode, I talked about Leveraged Marketing, which is again, another advanced technique if you're growing beyond six figures.

06:25 It’s about your capacity to take on additional things because you have the basic fundamentals.

07:01 Let's talk about the five trends you need to be aware of as a coach in the online space as it applies to your business, and how the industry is shifting,

07:11 Number one, attention span is shorter than it's ever been before.

07:27 So if you think you have a certain amount of seconds to capture someone's attention with your content, that actually has slightly gone down.

08:36 This means that you need to have a more clear message, simple.

09:03 How quickly you can grab somebody's attention and convert that attention into cash.

10:39 If you don't articulate the problem and solution you're providing, you will lose that attention, or you will never gain it in the first place.

11:43 Let's talk about number two, it’s about Organic Marketing.

11:59 My expertise is Organic Marketing. It is what I had leveraged to grow to my first 100k and even beyond. But those who have never actually mastered Organic Marketing, they were only doing paid ads.

13:38 We also did paid ads, but we actually did it so well this year, and I'm super proud of this.

13:58 Seasonal leaders and experts in the industry, are now focusing on Organic Marketing so they can see those profit margins grow.

14:37 When I am going to hire somebody, whether it's a contractor or even an employee, the first place I go to is social...