Mistakes To Avoid When Growing A Community As Part of Your Paid Program

Captivate & Close

Nov 22 2022 • 26 mins

If you’ve added a Facebook Group or some sort of community as part of your paid coaching program, this episode is for you. Kinsey dives into the most common mistakes that are made in this regard, but also shared why this is one of the most important elements to your offer as you grow.

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Do not miss this highlights:

01:40 How inconvenient it is when you run your own business, especially if you are your own personal brand.

01:58 Pressure on you to be able to deliver at some capacity.

02:21 Doing everything in your business and operating as a CEO.

02:50 Community, it's all in the same vein of elevating yourself as a leader, not just in your business or in the industry, but in your coaching programs.

03:01 In our higher level mentorship program Female Founders Board, this is what we definitely specialize in and what we work with you to do.

03:40 Female Founders Board is really an accumulation of high caliber leaders in the industry In all sorts of different niches.

04:26 Let's talk about community in your client programs. This is something that is definitely sort of tossed around in the industry.

04:50 What are the mistakes that coaches make in building community within their paid programs,

05:07 This is not like a free Facebook group. This is related to having a community that is a part of your program.

05:23 In our 10k Content Collective is a coaching program, where we give you the tools to attract and enroll clients consistently with your organic content.

05:48 It is the community that we curate that is the total vibe and culture of the clients.

06:30 Something that's overlooked can be the most important asset to your paid coaching programs.

06:40 Community could potentially make or break your brand and your clients experiences.

07:02 Your client community will grow your business for you, because they're going to love it so much, they're going to be out referring people to you. They're gonna be clients for life.

08:30 It's one of our core initiatives in any of our client programs. We really thoughtfully curate our communities.

08:58 It shouldn't be just a checklist item when you add a Facebook group, where you just funnel those clients into a community.

09:30 A community should be a joy and culture of what you want your brand to represent, and what you want people to feel when they're connecting to your brand.

10:35 If you're not getting what you want from them, as far as how to engage or interact within that community, it's basically your fault.

10:46 But truly, you are the coach and the leader, and that is where the responsibility comes from.

11:14 But there should be clarity on what your business is. Is it a company or a personal brand? That's where there's going to be a huge gap.

11:27 If you're growing to multi figures, these are the elements, the softer skills, and strategies, that people want to overlook.

12:01 The truth is, you cannot have that notoriety and the thought leadership in your industry without the culture piece.

12:17 The first thing to do is really consider what is the culture of my brand or my company? What does that look like as far as my client community goes?

12:26 Another thing is to really think about...