Shifting Cultural Norms Begins with Changing Ourselves with Ingrid Coronado

Holy F*ck

Aug 9 2021 • 46 mins

This week, Alexandra speaks with Ingrid Coronado, who is a native Mexican, a television host, radio host, writer, and lecturer!

She is a Mexican content creator and digital leader with a 25-year media career, and a leader of female empowerment and icon of integral well-being.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The common narrative around femininity across many cultures as consisting of self-sacrifice and being taught to feel shame around enjoying pleasure and sex as a woman, and how we can begin to unravel thatfor ourselves in our adult experiences and relationships.
  • The process of undoing the belief that the archetype of the strong woman is “unattractive” or considered to be undesirable to the masculine being.
  • Ideas on what parts of the masculine stereotypes are ready to be retired in terms of dating and relationships, and how we can begin to take steps ourselves towards lasting change.
  • Ideas on how changing the larger paradigm of cultural norms starts first with change within ourselves, our beliefs, and our choices.
  • And more!