Pollen VC - A guide to financing your user acquisition with Martin Macmillan

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Feb 1 2023 • 23 mins

When it comes to funding a young app venture, folks often seek out angel investors, venture capital, or equity investors. But in this episode, we sit down with Martin Macmillan, CEO of Pollen VC, to talk about a totally new way to finance an app business. It's called "revolving line of credit" funding and it's fast, flexible, and data-driven.

Tune in to hear Martin share insights on

  • How this financing method works
  • How Pollen VC’s funding model differs from the others
  • Who can benefit from it
  • How "Clean Room Accounting" strategy can help apps better manage their finances
  • Financial forecasting for subscription apps: Pollen's calculator

Join us for a fresh perspective on app financing with Martin Macmillan.

For noteworthy quotes and key takeaways from the episode, read the article - A guide to financing your user acquisition with Martin Macmillan (Pollen VC)

Episode Topics at a Glance

  • Fixed-income trading
  • Funding options for startups
  • How Pollen VC invests in the UA stage
  • The ideal investee profile for Pollen VC
  • How do you work and compete with your contenders?
  • Clean room accounting for UA/monetization
  • Why Pollen VC is moving toward subscription apps
  • Pollen’s online calculator: ROAS, LTV, and cash flow

More about Martin

Martin Macmillan is Founder and CEO of Pollen VC. He has 20 years of experience in launching and building technology businesses in financial services and media sectors and a prior career as an investment banker.

Having directly experienced the growth challenges facing tech start-ups and the lack of debt financing options open to early-stage technology businesses, he saw the opportunity to marry his traditional financial markets and technology experience to create a new financing model for the app and gaming economy.

Prior to founding Pollen VC, Martin was CEO at Soniqplay, CEO at Level Four (acquired by clear2pay), and a Director of UBS in London and New York, where he ran the Eurocommercial paper (ECP) trading group and conceived and delivered UBS’ first client-facing electronic debt trading platform.

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00:00 Welcome to the Subscription League

00:20 What is fixed-income trading?

01:20 Martin's journey to founding Pollen VC

02:28 Ways a founder can fund their start-up

04:48 How Pollen VC pushes user acquisition later into the cycle

09:05 When should start-up founders get a revolving line of credit?

10:13 How do you work and compete with your contenders?

13:35 Clean room accounting for UA/monetization

15:58 Why are you moving towards subscription apps?

18:12 Where to learn more

22:49 Wrap Up

23:06 Thank you for listening!


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