CoinStats - Finding the sweet spot with the right subscription app monetization and pricing strategy with Vahe Baghdasaryan

Subscription League

Feb 15 2023 • 25 mins

In this episode of the Subscription League, we explore the crucial balance between maximizing revenue and preserving subscriber satisfaction. Our guest, Vahe Baghdasaryan, a seasoned Growth Marketing Manager and 5-star Growth Marketing Mentor at CoinStats, offers invaluable insights into effective pricing strategies and monetization models for subscription apps.

Join us as Vahe highlights the importance of considering all aspects of monetization and emphasizes the significance of paywall optimization as just one piece of the puzzle.

You'll learn about:

1)the most commonly used pricing strategy

2)valuing features using Max-Diff Analysis

3)how to understand the willingness to pay using the drop principle

4)what to test when experimenting with pricing (subscription length, location, price)

Tune in for valuable tips and expert advice on optimizing your subscription app's monetization strategy.

Episode Topics at a Glance

  • CoinStats’ approach to monetization
  • Why understanding customers is important
  • What is a banded model in subscription pricing
  • How to value subscription features,
  • How to measure the willingness to pay
  • The drop principle - a commonly used product pricing strategies
  • Price Experimentation - Big Testing for Big Results
  • The impact of subscription length
  • Location-based pricing

More about Vahe

Vahe is a highly accomplished growth product and marketing professional with a wealth of experience in consumer startups across various industries, including education and fintech. He currently holds the position of Senior Growth Marketing Manager at CoinStats, where he is responsible for driving subscription optimization, user retention, and activation and leads the lifecycle marketing team. He has spoken internationally on engagement strategies, user activation, and onboarding optimization strategies. He’s also a 5-star rating mentor on GrowthMentor. Vahe has recently released his on-demand courses on subscription optimization & pricing strategy. More information can be found here.

Vahe’s Links

  1. Vahe’s Subscription Optimization & Pricing Strategy Course
  2. Vahe’s Twitter
  3. Vahe’s LinkedIn


00:00 Welcome to the Subscription League

00:21 Welcoming Vahe Baghdasaryan

00:48 Vahe's transition from edtech to fintech

01:25 What have you learned from startup founders?

02:41 How has the FTX collapse impacted CoinStats?

03:53 Subscription optimization at CoinStats

10:04 Why pricing experimentation is important

15:02 What countries are driving most of CoinStats' revenue?

15:55 How do you set prices per region?

18:19 How to be careful about price discrimination

20:53 What is next for CoinStats?

23:00 Thoughts on the sunk cost fallacy

23:54 Where to learn more

25:00 Thank you for listening!


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