Conversations with Dr. Gabriela Ilie and Guests (Podcast 7): The Purpose of Relationships with Gabriela Ilie, Complementary Medicine and Psychosocial Oncology Researcher

Conversation with Dr. Gabriela Ilie and Guests: A non-dualistic perspective to life and living, cancer and cancer survivorship.

Apr 25 2021 • 26 mins

Please join me as I provide a snap-shot of the A Course in Miracle's teachings on the purpose of relationships during our life's journey. Whether you are healthy or having any kind of health challenge, you may find that these reflections about the meaning behind the Course's teachings about relationships and their purpose, inspire you to further reflect on this material.  To learn more about A Course in Miracles please visit or To view this podcast on YouTube (video recording) please follow the following link:

Spiritual Insights on Cancer Journey,